Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Let's talk about birthdays, BILs, guest posts and grumpy cats...

Hi guys!
Just checkin in..
I've been crazy with Elliott's birthday last week, my brother in law visiting this week, Nick and I are both working everyday, Elliott started swimming lessons today (Monday) - swimming every day for two weeks.. And its like -10 here!
Seriously look Newfoundland up on the Weather Network, I dare you.

So I'm going to keep it short/sweet and fact drop a bunch of life junk on you...
I still LOVE Indigena! (Newfoundland born and bred.. and I'll be one till I die... .. .. )
Listen to this song, guaranteed it will stick in your head..
Kitchen music, Capers and Newfies do it right.
Anywhoo I did up a little guest post for my beautiful Canadian bblogger friend Stephanie, check it out on her bloggy...
Elliott's birthday theme..
I wasn't going to have a theme but Pinterest got the best of me, more to come on that...

Our cat Luna is honestly the nastiest face grump there ever was...
If only I knew people loved grumpy cats so much, I could've been rich!!
I filmed a video yesterday - YAY!!
Aiming for it to be up Thursday.
Its a little Arbonne action and a little lippie with my Sephora cream lip stain taking center stage...

I'm not sure how I feel about this lip stain!
I love/hate it.
I actually hate it..
but I love the colour and all the ladies on IG had such high praises of it, now I think I'm brainwashed and love it!

Maybe I got a bad batch..
Maybe, maybe I should buy another one to test...
Maybe you should buy one and tell me what you think..

Heres the linky! Mandarin Muse ;)
See Ya's Thursday!! XOXO

FYI: I am behind in comments by about 5 blog posts!
But in my head I've replied to everyone, that's gotta count for something, don't be surprised when you get a comment reply from me in 2026...


  1. I don't know what it is about those lip creams - I LOVE one shade and absolutely hate the formula of another I got. I loved 01 Always Red so much that it was my wedding lip colour, actually. But I bought another one - I think Mandarin Muse, actually! - and it's all patchy and weird. Not a fan.

  2. Love that theme! I haven't seen Monsters Inc in forever, but it's such a cute movie. And you should really start making cat memes. There's always room for one more grumpy cat ;)

  3. She may be a grumpy biatch but she's sooooo pretty! <3

  4. Haha, I actually just replied to a comment from you from a couple months ago and I was like, how did that happen?!
    And I would say, you don't need to give the lip stain a second chance, there's plenty of other fish in the sea, find one that deserves you. ;)