Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Let's talk about getting Pinspired & Lelly's first birthday!

So your child's turning 1,
you're convinced that a little cake and a few hot dogs will suffice.
"He's turning one, he won't remember, no need to go cray"
Then you mistakenly open up pinterest......
Now you're pinning and googling and spray painting everything in sight.
Has this ever happened to you?
because it happened to me.
I had every intention of a tiny, quiet BBQ with a little bitty store bought cake and two balloons..
 but one week before the said BBQ my pinterest accidently opened and I had a panic moment of
Alas another one bites the dust..
Thanks Obama Pinterest.
Great, one week to plan a theme birthday party..
(the only real store in town for décor is the dollar store & it was too late to order anything online, so all things considered I think it turned out pretty good)

Step one: Pick the theme Monsters Inc.
We love Monsters Inc. I'm not sure why.. but it's just so cute!
When we were picking out Elliott's room décor we went with a Monsters Inc. mobile & he also has a Monsters Inc. night light which is the cutest thing you will ever see.
See night light - Mike light
(We couldn't afford the whole crib set, HOLY prices babies r us - sorry not sorry jeesh.
I ran to the dollar store and lucked out because they had tons of stuff in Monsters colours.
Turquoise, purple & lime green!

I like to think I have an 'eye' for seeing the potential in things, as soon as I saw that green bowl I knew a Mike it would be!
Plus 2 Sulley ice buckets to fill with cans of pop, check!
Step 2: What to wear..
It was too late to find any Monster attire so I added a little Mike and Sulley flair to my nails.

Step 3: Games.
Pin the eye on Mike, I knew right away I could pull that together without purchasing much.
All I bought was the big green Bristol board the rest was a 3 minute job.
Who doesn't love Pin the... games!
Step 4: BANNERS.
Banners, banners, banners.
Would this be a pinterest party without them??
I had all these scrapbooking supplies so I just whipped out a bunch of triangles, appropriately titled the party ELLIOTT INC. and called it a day.
(Also did a 1st Birthday banner for inside the house)
Step 5: The Cake.
This is where I let myself splurge a bit lot.
Let them eat cake amma right??
If you need a cake in central Newfoundland check out Sweet Addiction, she does amazing work!
Worth every penny!!
Final step: ENJOY!!
The Mike on top of the cake popped right off and was Elliott's smash cake.
Obviously it pained Elli to eat his friend...
Goodbye Mike my good pal..

OH YEAH. This guy is delish!!

Its July but feels like November.. s'mores anyone??

There you have it,
Lelly's first birthday party, a little pinterest and a whole lot of fun SUGAR!

What pinterest projects do you have on the go??
What theme should I have for next years bday??
Which monster is your fav???


  1. It looked amazing! Great job lady!!! Definitely does not look like you did this last minute! Elliot is adorable as always, but yuck why does it have to be so cold there??? Maybe a move is in order, maybe to....., Ontario lol!

    1. Thanks Fran!! It turned out great besides that stinkin weather! I thought having a July baby perk was the outside birthday parties but we nearly froze Lololol
      Next up Frankie! His is going to be too cool for school, I can't wait!

  2. this is adorable! i think you manage the perfect balance between some pinterest fun but not going over the top with something your child isn't even going to remember (sorry! but some of these birthday parties look like more effort than a wedding). super cute and i love the matching nails! happy birthday elliot!

    1. Thanks so much Zoe!!
      That what I was hoping for :))
      Seriously, some parties I'm just like WHOA...
      Pinterest has made the world go mad I swear!
      Had to add a bit of beauty with the nails, I would've liked to do some matching makeup but I barley had time to apply foundation that day! I'm such a slow poke.

  3. So cute! I love taking colors and just matching them to the theme, so you don't have to spend a fortune on licensed products. We had a Monster 1st bday too!

    1. Awwww monsters parties rock!! :)))
      Yes!! It's nice to have pretty colours around, then it's not too over the top and you can use the extras for any future events!
      We went on a picnic the other day and brought our leftover utensils they were so cute :)

  4. What a very cute birthday. And don't feel bad. We went all out for our daughter's first birthday as well. If I had had more time I would have had it catered and everyone in black tie. We did a 'Breakfast at Tiffany's" themed party for her. Dress, pearls, tiara...the works.

    As for my favorite's Mike all the way. Way to go mama!

    1. Thanks so much Amanda!
      Oh em gee that's the cutest theme ever!! What a lucky little lady!
      Seriously I have to tuck that in the back of my mind if I ever have a girl party to plan ;))

  5. Literally laughed out loud at the pictures of him "eating his friend" haha. The party looks great! That cake is amazing & your decorations came together so cute! Happy birthday to your little man.

    1. Thanks so much Emily!! :))
      Hahahah he was so hesitant and then he got a taste of him and it was all over for Mike. Lol

  6. First of all, what's with your summer (or lack there of?!). This was the cutest theme ever, I love monsters inc and the cake was amazing! :) Great job!

    I find I went ALL out for the first birthday and now I'm just kind of getting slacker and slacker as the years go on. Seriously though, this year I think I'll order pizza invite some kids to the pool and call it a day ;)

    1. Seriously!!! We've had NO summer, its a really good day if it gets over 15 degrees :/

      That sounds like the perfect birthday to me! Pool and pizza can't be beat for birthday memories ;)

  7. You did a great job! Especially on such short notice. And that cake looks amazing!

    1. Thanks so much :))
      The cake was so yummy!!
      I'm going to want to order one for every event and holiday ;)

  8. Such a cute party and I don't think you went too over the top at all. Hard to compete when you've got Pinterest opened, though.

    Whoever did the cake is fantastic! Love it!

    1. Thanks so much Lindsay!
      Seriously Pinterest is the worst! I normally end up sweating in tears with a half finished project in my garage Lolol

      She is an artist, And it was delish!

  9. Great cake! I can't believe you threw all that together in a week! Pinterest is the devil! I may have to go off the grid before Parker's first bday! :)

    1. Thanks so much Kerry!!
      Seriously don't even peek, it will make you crazy!! I swear Pinterest was made just to make us spend money on new things when our DIYs don't turn out Lolol

  10. CUTE!!!!! I love it all! I can't believe Ainsley's is this Saturday!

    1. Thanks so much Brittany!! Eeeekk can't wait to see that little peppa party!! :)

  11. Love the party decor! Wow, Monsters Inc, colours are actually really nice together! And love the nails and cake!

    1. Thank you Cole :)))
      I thought the colours were so cute, that was half the reason I picked it! Hahahah simple colour theme, makes for more dollar store finds ;)

  12. Yes, pinterest is a totally dangerous place to look. :-) But I think everything turned out awesome! You really lucked out on those perfect colors you were able to find gor the paper goods at the dollar store! And that cake really is incredible!

  13. That cake is just gorgeous! She does amazing work! I love that hair style as well!! xo