Friday, 3 July 2015

Let's talk a little lip and a whole lotta ice..

Hi guys!!
Sooo its Friday! Yayyyy!
You may say to yourself  "hey! its Friday, you told us posts were on Tuesday's and Thursdays"
Well I lied!
I had to sneak these photos in this week because I love them and knew I would forget to post them otherwise.. very similar to the missing "how my Dominican vacay went" and the follow up to "my sick dog" post.....
Those will arrive at some point hehe
For now I give you a photo explosion of my husband, babe, et moi in front of a very, very massive iceberg near our home.
Everyone in and around town was taking advantage of the photo opportunity when this puppy rolled into the harbour. Its not unusual for icebergs to be in the area but this one was a biggie!
It was pretty amazing to see in person, the photos don't do it justice.
If you're ever inquiring about iceberg siting vacation spots, Newfoundland should be a top stop on your tour!
See below for proof and stay tuned until the end if you want to know what's on my lips!
*Yeah I make my own hashtags, cool like that ;)

Lell was preoccupied with my jewelry the majority of the time...
meh he will still have the photos!

Got cha!

Another mesmerized baby shot
And another..
It was pretty spectacular, if we get another nice day we might try to head down again and snap it from a different angle. Although we better move fast because its getting smaller and smaller, by the time we return we might be looking at an ice cube. Bahahha
So onto the goodies!
Nothing has changed..
Our family still LOVES selfies (no shortage in this house for sure, sorry not sorry)
And I still LOVE the Maybelline Mattes!
I decided to wear my matte Craving Coral 685 the other day, and man OH man.
I could wear that lippie every day for eternity.
The formula, amazing!
So long lasting, non drying, non flaking, its just a fabulous lipstick.
I'm going to quit chatting about it and let the photos speak for themselves..
Canada Day! Yayy! Craving coral ^

I applied this lipstick at 10:30am, left to do face painting for the towns Canada Day celebration..
It was a MAD HOUSE, a sea of kids constantly.. my body is still aching.
3+ hours later my arms wanted to fall off, my legs are burning from what feels like 100,000 squats...
Shockingly my lipstick is still on! And on point!

Then lets talk about the airport lipstick...
This is what hours, HOURS in an airport with a toddler and dry air looks like..


But this is what lipstick looks like at 11pm after a full travel day and no touch ups/barely a look in the mirror .. still rocking! No flaking! No old lady lip lines! Whooo hoooo

And this is what a cute little boy's 2nd plane ride looks like, with Daddy and Sophie assisting :)

PS: We lost Sophie in the airport.. Yikes we are bad parents!
We dropped her on our rush to board and luckily a sweet little girl found her and thought to ask if she belonged to us!

All's well that ends well :)
I already had a little video of my Maybelline Mattes Love,
check it out below!


  1. It seems like you've had great time! :) xx

    1. We definitely did! thanks so much for stopping by Katarina! :))

  2. lol I believe that was my picture you saw. I have been wearing that Divine Wine in like every picture, I also have ravishing rose & craving coral. Craving coral is one of my favs.

    1. Too funny Jasmine! It probably was!
      Ooooh I want the ravishing rose now :))

  3. I love all these pictures of you and your family! You will treasure having so many "selfies" of you and your fam in the future. <3 Also, love the lipstick, I need to get back to wearing lipstick more often!

    1. Thanks so much Gillian! That's what I tell myself too, there's no such thing as too many photos ;)
      Well there might be when you break the Walmart photo printer.. Which did happen once but I've tried to scale back a bit since then!

  4. Oh my gosh - that is so cool! The biggest piece of ice we see in Texas comes from our freezer! And that lipstick is fabulous- I'm not a lipstick wearer but I'm so jealous of people that can pull it off!

    1. Hahaha too funny! I'll tried you guys a little ice for a bit of warm weather?!? It's been chilly chilly here so far this summer, I'm so envious of my Texas friends!

  5. As I always say, "it's my blog and I do what I want", lol, so you just post whenever you want. :-) Also, that iceberg=awesome! And I've got to check out that lipstick!

    1. Exactly Justine! I knew as soon as I said this is my schedule I would probably do the opposite of what I said! Hahah o well, whatever works week to week will be my new schedule ;))

  6. Wait, I'm confused. Where did you fly to on Canada day? I saw your iceberg pics but never connected the dots and thought that was where you live. I know you said you were going back to work but for some reason I though, "hey! She went to Alaska?!" Lol I'm so stupid! Hahhah

    1. Hahahah whoops! I've got about 6 messages asking where we are heading?!? I really need to edit this post ;)
      The airport photos were from our trip to Nova Scotia in May :)
      The iceberg is just our friendly neighbourhood iceberg here in Newfoundland:)

      And work.. Well one week down! I don't want this Sunday to end back to the grind tomorrow :/

  7. I think I'm still in shock at an iceberg just happily floating by!

    1. Its so cool Rachelle!
      I know they're super dangerous or whatever but from this view it makes me want to swim out there and climb all over it!
      I wish a little piece would float to shore lolll