Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Let's talk about currently, August 1st 2015..

What we've been eating currently..
I saw this copy cat muffin recipe on the lovely Hungry Homemaker blog and I knew I had to make it, I too love Costco samples! I take anything they give just for the pure thrill of getting something free; then I make Nick eat it because normally it contains bread or is just unappealing to my stupid intolerant palette.. but the thrill!!!!

The muffins turned out AWESOME, I will definitely be adding these to my rotating muffin making list, which currently only has one muffin.. a banana muffin.
So easy peasy, my only tweak would be to take mine out a minute or two earlier because my oven runs a bit on the hot side but Fran did warn of that I just got distracted.
See her Costco copies recipe - here
Oooh wait one more thing, Fran if you're reading this you know how it says spray muffin tin, then scoop into muffin liners.. ? Am I suppose to do both, all my life I've either been muffin lining or spraying.. I need muffin clarification for beginners hehehe
What we've been doing currently:
Life has been crazy recently & I haven't wanted to blog at. all. It started to feel a bit like a chore and a chore I'm not even making an allowance off of - the worst kind! #impoor
So I had to take a step back for a second and remind myself why I blog; I do it for me because I like it and I want to ramble about useless info.
So that's what I'm going to do, back to my roots! It's easy to get caught up in the blog world of,
"You need to stick to a blog niche"
"You need to be active constantly on all social media"
"You need to follow these rules to make your blog grow fast!"
Well I'm over it. You don't instantly make big bucks from blogging so why am I working my butt off people pleasing for like $2 a week..
Yes I want my blog to grow but I'm doing it on my own terms bishes! - A
We got a sandbox!!

Elliott loves it, it keeps him occupied for a solid 3.25 minutes! Record breaking!
Do you guys know how much sandboxes cost these days?!?!??
Too much.
This price may be slightly inflated because Newfoundland but still...

$54.99!!!!!!!!!!! BLARNEY.
And this was on the low price end, not THE lowest because we needed a lid - Ew cat poo.
Swimming lessons, that's a wrap!
Daily for 2 weeks.
We're going to miss it! It kept me accountable for being somewhere, I am the queen of "let's skip it"...  it is amazing how a $24.99 swimming fee can change a person ;)

I was all about the report card, baby book material!
What I've been wearing currently:
My favorite, favorite regular gal hair guru Kate (in videos I keep calling her Kate Smallthings for some reason... Her name is Kate Bryan, her blog is The small things blog.. I know this but yet I continue the Smallthings last name trend..)
She did a great tutorial for really loose braids and I've been rocking them constantly.
I love that she says "you have to use a dutch braid!"
All these years months of trying to get loose regular braids- dumb dumb dumb!
Here is that tutorial - stretched out braid DIY  

Do you ever wear something every day for one whole season then you put it in your closet and forget about it for the rest of eternity??
I forgot I had this Joe fresh green button up tank from a few years ago, I spotted it squished between hangers the other day and I honestly heard Peaches and Herb the moment I slipped it on..
I am not the only one losing my mind currently:
My husband went to work and hours later I stumbled upon chicken leftovers in our sons room..
Obviously snapped a pic because we only communicate through text.
We laughed and laughed aka typed LOL back and fourth for a while..
(parenting lowers your comedic threshold.. times are tough ok..) 

What's the craziest thing you've misplaced while distracted and come to find later???
Happy August everyone!!! XO


  1. I love all of this Holly! I have that same Costco copycat recipe pinned, I just haven't tried it yet so now I'll have to since I know it's amazing! :) Boo for the overpriced sand box but I guess as long as Elliot's having fun that's all that matters, right? Right?! And I love that braid, that's exactly the kind of braid I want to learn how to do with my hair. Lastly, the leftovers in your son's room crack me up. Totally something I would do. My husband is absent minded, but hasn't done anything quite that noteworthy yet. ;)

  2. So glad you liked the recipe, of course I'm reading lol! I spray aswell just in case the muffins rise above the liner and stick to the pan. The braid is amazing! I'm thinking of growing out my bangs so this would be great! Wow!!! Expensive sandbox!! My in laws got Frankie's from a neighbour who's kids had grown out of it! ( that one is way cuter though!)Mike is the worst for leaving things in random places! Milk jug in the cupboard!!! Not impressed finding it in the morning lol!!

  3. Ohh my gosh I'm dying laughing over the chicken!!! HAHAHA! I leave shit all over the place all the time and catch myself trying to put milk in the cupboard, cereal in the fridge, etc. About the muffins, I only ever spray or use the liners, I've never heard of both but I'm interested to hear what people say!

  4. Blarney......, bahahahahaha. Seriously haven't heard that in years! I swear my Caper relatives love that word!
    Love the green shirt. Good find. And "small things" is her reference name, I get you.
    While putting groceries away 2 weeks ago, my shampoo made it into the fridge and I thought I lost my mind when I wasn't able to find it. Pulled out the watermelon and there she was, hiding.