Saturday, 23 May 2015

Lets talk about Scrappin' Saturdays and a guest post!

Happy Saturday all!
My main reason for blogging today is to share with you my friend Sarah's blog, I did a guest post for her yesterday and I thought it would be nice if everyone took a peek around her page and you can see what we chatted about - here !!! :)
Other than that I must keep it brief because I'm headed to a Scrapbooking Retreat all weekend!
Yup Scrapbooking!

^ Here's a peek at the group last night...
We were just kicking off the weekend and bam power outage!!!
That is quite possibly the worst thing imaginable to happen at a scrapping retreat!
Well that or accidently butchering your last piece of favorite scrapbook paper - the horror!
Anywho I've been scrappin' for years now but it wasn't until I moved to Newfoundland (4years ago) and started attending these retreats that I realised how big scrapbooking really is!
(For my blogger friends picture what you knew about blogging before being a blogger VS what you know now - MIND BLOWING)
I attended my first retreat armed with a pair of scissors and some pretty paper..
Well O M G...
I was blown away at the equipment and gear these ladies had!
Cutters, snippers, inkers, gluers, threaders, punchers, papers and stickers beyond belief!
I've learned so, so much since beginning my scrappin' journey and although I am no where near seasoned scrapper status I was published in this seasons Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine - YAY!!
So check out below for some of my scrappin' layouts and wish me luck this weekend!
By around 1am my eyes start burning but there are ladies who stay up much later Friday, Saturday, Sunday embellishing to their hearts delight!

See you all next week!


  1. I am fairly new to scrapping but how cool is it that you meet up with very well seasoned scrappers. That's great. Beautiful compilations. Happy scrapping!

    1. Thanks Michelle! It's great for getting ideas too! When you're stumped you can wander around and steal some inspiration;);)

  2. How fun! Any excuse to craft and hang out with friends sounds amazing to me!

    1. It's such a fun girls weekend!
      Crafting and 80's music = major laughs hahah

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  4. Hey! I found you on TMB! We are in the same category. Come say hi at . I love your site. I'm a housewife and scrapbooker too! Maybe we can guest post on one another's pages sometime. I do scrapbooking, a little bit of art journaling, a tiny bit of paper quilling, and plenty of reading!

    These pictures are great! I want that magazine! I'm in the US though. I'm so jealous of your retreat lol. I have never gotten to go to a retreat.

  5. I am super jealous! I tried scrapping and I am definitely not good at it.
    It looks like you all had fun though! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I'm no scrapbooker, but I am drooling over your pages. Those look incredible. And, yeah a power outage at a scrapbooking party does sound like bad news! I guess it all worked out though?

  7. I would love to go to something like that! I have got some major catching up to do with my scrapbooks! Ugh.