Sunday, 3 May 2015

Lets talk about when the ocean and fashion meet + a giveaway!!

This is going to sound really conceited of me..
I feel like every Spring/Summer for the last few years I've been ahead of the fashion game...
I see something and I just know its going to be BIG, I try to get my hands on as many as possible but because its futuristic fashion I can never find what I'm looking for until... BAM its everywhere.
I'll give you examples:
Statement Necklaces
Maxi Dresses
All these things I thought "YES this is going to be big, I love it! gimme more, gimme more"
Well I've found the new fashion "IT" for 2015, and I think its going to be big.  (or it already is and I'm just behind the times.. I don't know anymore.. Ex: Todays Saturday right???) (kidding I know its Sunday duh..)
A few months ago I was browsing my blogs I like to frequent and I entered a giveaway from Carmen at Little Blue Anchor Shop. Lo and behold I won and she sent me this beautiful Kate head wrap. I was beyond excited because I was headed to Dominican and I KNEW this would be my go to accessory! As soon as I saw it and looked at Carmen's other products ..
 this was it my summer 2015 thing.
Check out my photos below to make your own judgment :)
 + you're going to want to scroll to the end of this post for a special gift!
^ I love that it kept my hair back in 30 degree weather

^ There were peacocks running free all over the resort, yet I couldn't get one to stay still long enough to capture a photo! (one running past our room..)
^ I love this hair up, hair down, morning, evening!

^ It was hands down my most used/loved accessory of the trip! 
I know with hot days coming/a toddler running around things are gonna get crazy this summer and I'm looking forward to bulking up on head wraps and turbans to keep me looking stylish yet practical!

Since I was chatting with Carmen about how excited I was/loved my head wrap so much she generously offered for us to join forces and spread head wrap love to one lucky reader!

All you have to do to be entered for a chance to win is follow:

- @lbanchorshop on instagram
- hollyshousewifelife on Facebook

For extra entries to win follow:

- @hollyshousewifelife on instagram
- littleblueanchorshop on facebook

Please Enter through Rafflecopter below
Contest closes Monday May 11th 2015
Winner to be announced Tuesday!
Contest open world wide!
Best of Luck!!

Did I mention little blue anchor shop is Nova Scotian??!
Yayyyyy Halifax!

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  1. I ADORE your head wrap! I took a look at her website and her head wraps are such a delight! Thanks for sharing the great info! It looks really cute on you! Hope you had a great vacation in Dominica, I have never been there but always wanted to go! Joined the giveaway...VERY excited! Have a great week!

  2. Love the head wrap! Perfect for no-fuss hair when it gets warm. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Love head wraps! I also love tucking the back of my hair into the head wrap to give a cute twisted look!

  4. Cute! :-) I love these things but my hair is too short at my neck - totally not cute on me!

  5. oh I just adore this blog, good job mama. The pictures are really outstanding.

  6. This is so cute! I am not usually a head wrap person, but it looks so cute on you!

  7. I know, those are everywhere now! I totally want order one or two for the new baby, I'm just trying to narrow it down because there are so many cute ones for littles!

  8. You look so fab in that wrap!!! I entered!! :):)

  9. I love this! I'm so not on with fashion trend. I've really wanted to start rocking head wraps. It looks awesome on you!

  10. So cute! I have been wanting to try a headwrap!

  11. How cute is that?! I especially like it when your hair is up. Too cute!

  12. I've always wanted to try a head wrap but my head is so small! LOL! Headbands never fit me, especially ones with elastic! But I really want to try this one out!

  13. These are too cute, but I think I need to have my hair up for it too look good. I have long hair and I'm growing it out more.

  14. Oh Holly! Love this piece. I don't know if I can pull off a head wrap, but I can try.

  15. This looks so cute on you! But it's definitely not something that u can pull off! I did buy a super cute one for Sydney, but can't ever get her to wear it.

  16. Love the wrap! Not sure how it would look on me but it looks great on you!

  17. I have been seeing these type of wraps everywhere for the past few months. I makes me feel 1930's and 40's WWII era. I may give it a try but I can never pull anything off. I need fashion help!

  18. I love head wraps, and that one is super cute! Specially for warm summer days :)

  19. Cute cute. Love the strawberry fabric!

  20. So so cute! i love how it spices up a messy bun, rock it mama!

  21. I love the head wrap ! My daughter has some just like that , would be cute to match with her!

  22. SO CUTE! Oh my goodness I can't stop fan girling over your head wrap!!

  23. LOVE that headband - I wish I could pull them off as well as you. :D