Thursday, 21 May 2015

Lets talk about Beck, Boosh and brows!!

Hi Guys!!!
I feel like its been foreverrrrrrr.
I've been so busy lately and blogging had hit the back burner.
Its not for lack of ideas or longing to, I just really haven't had the time or energy.
And MAN I miss my blogging community!!
(perhaps I am being a tad bit dramatic since its only been about a week without a post..
however a week in blogland feels like an eternity.. no??)
So I am back today and its a Fashion Friday kinda day!!
If I am being completely honest with you all (which I always solemnly swear to do, girl guides honor..)
I've been sort of cheating on the Blog world....
Yes, yes, it's true.
For a while now I've wanted to break into the YouTube world but I didn't know how, so instead of finding out how I decided to just jump right in and film some videos or vlogs or whatyamycallits...
Whatever they are they are up and running on my YouTube channel!
Search Hollyshousewifelife or if you stay tuned I just may slip a quick video down here in the bottom of this post! ;)
Still with me?
Good because you are going to want to check out these adorable necklaces I got from Beck and Boosh! I frequent their site quite a bit since I love their product and home grown business.
I had been spying those monogrammed pendants and for $4 each I could not hold myself back any longer!!

I decided to order 2 pendants, E for my son and N for my hubby and the crossbar necklace to wear them on. I hovered and hovered over which colour to go with, both items come in the gold tone and silver. Gold is SO hot right now I love it, but silver tone is so classic laid back or dressy!
So after torturing myself... a light bulb emerged and I went with a mix of both!
Mixed metals are IN, IN, IN!
And the great thing about these pieces is that they are separate so you can mix and mingle them with other jewelry pieces!
I can wear the cross bar on its own or I can slip the monograms on another chain.
I love, love, love it.
When my package arrived I saw that Beck and Boosh had also snuck me a little surprise gift, the infinity anchor necklace which I also CAN'T get enough of!
I am soooo into layering jewelry right now + an infinity and anchor!
It's a little piece of ocean love around my neck.
Anywho enough rambling, I need to get back to regular postings asap so I don't bog you all down with these lengthy love letters!
Check out some photos below and my YouTube channel if you dare!!! XOX


  1. Those accessories are cute! :) I'm glad I found your blog through FB groups, keep posting!

  2. Love the necklace, how adorable! TGIF, love the happy dance :)

  3. I get my eyebrows threaded. Best thing ever. But your eyebrows look amazing. Thats the first thing I said to myself. lol

  4. I love the two pieces you got! Super cute. I should go grab some.

  5. Goodness Holly, you are so adorable!! Love your video. :) I love your new necklaces, and so nice that they sent you a little free gift.

  6. Exams are over so I am watching all the videos tonight! I love brows too just got mine done today :D

  7. OMG at your makeup! Can't wait to watch the video later on!

  8. That gif of kris jenner .....hahaha! I know what you mean about not having time to blog because I work during the day so sometimes my blog suffers too, but I try to do as much with what little time I have to make my blog good.