Sunday, 10 May 2015

Lets talk about yardsales, Martha and the lazy persons DIY...

So I wouldn't consider my family particularly crafty people..
but were also not like non crafty...
Picture us somewhere in the middle..
We are no Martha Stewart,
A. because we've never been to prison..
B. because we can't make a phenomenal centre piece out of 2 paper napkins and a piece of string..
 (I kid, I kid, I kid. I honestly adore Martha so much she's one BAB with a glue gun)
So, put my family down somewhere in the lazy persons DIY section. Not totally incapable but not going to knock your socks off.
^ This was us in the 90's...
Look what I made!
Which bring us to current day and my sisters weekend DIY project.
My mom spotted this little shelf at a yard sale for $5 and walked by..
My sister told her to get her butt back over there and pick it up for her!
(my sister was at work, this was all communicated through our family group text. Which is the majority of how my family communicates... tell me we aren't alone??!)

So $5 was paid and my sister was the proud new owner of this ^
She was convinced she could fix it up so she started her DIY by digging in my parents garage and she found some half empty cans of black and white paint. 
Then she just went for it!
^ Black for the out side edges, white for the inside.

^ MAJOR improvement already and so far hasn't cost her a dime!
(ok well that's a lie the shelf cost $5.. but no cost for the makeover portion!)

She wanted to wall paper the back wall but wall paper is hella EXPENSIVE these days...
So light bulb! WRAPPING PAPER!
Since its a small shelf she decided to go with something simple. Check out this deal ^ .90 cents!! Winners fab find! Homesense or I believe its called Homegoods in USA (is that right?? are homegoods and homesense the same thing? If not they look super similar! A Marshalls type thing or even Target I'm sure has pretty wrapping paper)

She then cut 2 pieces of cardboard to fit the back part of the shelving space, wrapped them pretty and popped them in!

^Voila, the finished product!!
And because that's just wrapping paper as the back drop she could switch it up whenever she gets an itch!
I think it turned out super cute! (I'd now like for her to make me one... Thanks sis!)
Ignore the lopsided photos, I've said it before.. she's a shopper but she's no blogger lolol
I would've set the lighting, cleaned my room, angled the camera...
But I'll take what I can get since she put the elbow grease in! :)
Total project cost: $6
$5 yard sale shelf
.90 cent wrapping paper (which still has tons left on the roll for future projects!)
paint - free
brushes - free
cardboard - free
Blog post - PRICELESS
Happy DIY -ing!!!!
East Coast Blogger Girl


  1. Hahahaha I love the "blog post = priceless". That is seriously the cutest! I think I need to stop thinking DIYs are so hard and just go for some projects.

  2. This is so cute! I love the paper in the shelving. Also, you just called Martha Stewart a BAB, that is amazing and so funny!

  3. Oh it turned out so well! I love the paper on the back. Cute!

  4. It turned out really great! I've used contact paper to line the back of shelving units before and that works well also. :) I do think HomeGoods and HomeSense are basically the same thing.

  5. Love the black, white, and pink scheme! What a great find :)

  6. So cute! Ya'll did a great job!

  7. The wrapping paper was a great addition to the piece!

  8. That is very cute, I always see these ideas and think "I can do that" then I remember I have a toddler running around and a project like that would take me days!! lol, I love the style though and your whiteness towards your sister!

  9. You did such a great job! I would never have thought of using wrapping paper. I really love how it looked in the end :)

  10. I love how this looks! I wish I could find a shelf like this when I'm looking at yard sales. I never do!

    All my photos are crooked on my blog, lol. I'm horrible at it. My family also talks in a giant group text and we send horrible memes back and forth, making fun of each other.

  11. Hahaha I'm not Martha either for the 2 reasons you listed. That shelf looks awesome! We bought a desk (through an facebook selling group) and when we got it home I decided on a whim to make it all white (it was brown and green). We finished it, but never again! It was so much harder than we thought it would be.

  12. SO CUTE! You did an awesome job. I love stuff like this!

  13. Wow, that looks awesome. It's amazing what a bit of creativity can produce!

  14. So cute! Love the contrast between black and white!

  15. Sorry, my comment response options are not so great on my blog so I just wanted to pop back in to say that I do have a Facebook page and the video is one there. I would LOVE for you to share it if you want to.

  16. You reference to martha stewart .. LOL..

    This is super adorable!

  17. No Martha stewart, huh? That DIY project speaks Martha to me. Lol. very nicely done.

  18. Love this! Great idea turned out awesome! LOVE DIY!