Thursday, 7 May 2015

Lets talk about mothers, mail swaps and fur balls...

Mother's Day is right around the corner and I'm so, so excited because this is my first official!
(unofficially, I've celebrated years prior because I own fur babes so duhhh I was still a momma and deserved a day) 
Since this is my first owning a human baby, I expect husband to go all out and worship me with flowers, jewels and chocolate chip cookies..
Butttttttt since he can be kinda flakey like that..
(no offence Nick you know you've got my heart, just don't forget the cookies..)
when I saw that there was a Mother's Day gift exchange going around my blog circle I was so excited! 

Mail, goodies, surprises, yayyyy. 
My gift sender was the lovely Liz from 
 ^ Check her out because she is so sweet, awesome and fun! 

Lets get to the goodies!
^ Incase you've missed the hundreds of thousands of times I've said it... I LOVE GETTING MAIL :) 

^  It tends to run in the family and Roxy was all too eager to help me unwrap my gifts. 

^ Everything was wrapped so pretty I almost didn't want to open them!
almost ;)
^  Little note, I sent my partner an EOS too!!! Love, love, love EOS!!

^ That eye shadow palette, I'm not lying Liz I was checking them out 2 weeks ago and debating, debating...
(baby doesn't need to eat this week right?? He's above in height and weight already..)
I had to restrain myself because I had a basket full in tow!
I was SO excited when I saw it was exactly what I had been eyeing up. 
How my partner could know me so perfectly without actually knowing me in real life... Amaze!!! 

^ Liz also tried to send me a nail polish but it got removed because of our Canadian border restrictions (oh Canada, I wanted that Essie! Boo).
I told Liz not to worry just send me a postcard in place no biggie, I knew my parcel would be great no matter! But she is too nice of a person and also sent me an E Starbucks credit!
Whoot Whoot!
There will be a half raspberry passion ice tea lemonade coming into my life very soon.. 
It did completely make my day!
What do you guys order at Starbucks??? I need suggestions because they intimidate me! I finally nailed the name of my ice tea thingy hahah

^ After all that excitement my partner needed a rest... She has an extremely busy life..
Nap, eat, play, nap, repeat. 
My partner was Tawnya from All of Lifes Little Adventures Blog, which I was so excited about because she is an island girl!! From one of my favorites no less, beautiful P.E.I!
I knew exactly what I was going to send her...
but you'll have to head over to her blog to find out!!
Go take a peek :)

Happy Mother's Day to all!! 
Enjoy your weekends!! xox


  1. happy mail is literally the best kind of mail there is. period. LOVE doing swaps like this. And congrats on your first (technically) real mother's day. but fur babies still totally count. ;) At Starbucks I almost always get a Java Chip Frap w/ NO whip. it's like caffeinated chocolate chip goodness in a cup!

  2. Love the furry mail helper!! And they definitely count as being a mom, they are a lot of work! How fun that you got exactly what you'd been eyeing up earlier. Happy coincidence! Happy almost Mother's Day!

  3. Great package, seeing all the goodies from everyone is making me wish I'd done this one. :)

  4. First of all, I want to snuggle your cat! So fluffy! Secondly, I love everything in your box. Face masks are my obsession.

  5. Boooo about the nail polish! I posted on Elizabeth's blog that I would have just lied at the post office. Ha! My go-to Starbucks drink is a caramel macchiatos - extra hot most of the time, but iced in the summertime! However, vanilla lattes are a safe bet and you can never go wrong with any of the frappuccinos! Speaking of, they are half off through Sunday, so it's a good time to try different flavors! Love all of your gifts and your blog!

  6. I'm SO happy that you loved your stuff! I'm so mad at the post office for not letting me send the nail polish! It was so beautiful too. Boo. Next time I'm for sure going to lie! Plus if Tawnya can send nail polish FROM Canada, why can't I send it TO Canada? Ridiculous. I should go back and buy it and send it just to spite them! LOL.
    Happy, happy Mother's Day!!!

    1. Oh and PS I'm SO happy you love the eye shadow and how funny it was JUST what you were looking at! YAY!!!

  7. This is a great package! That EOS flavour is one of my favourites.
    I just found your blog though Tawyna's and have to ask if you're watching Big Brother Canada? There are so many good East Coasters on this season!

  8. That is such a great idea. I always get excited when I get stuff in the mail. Like real mail, not bills. Im not a mom, I'll have to find friends to do this with.


  9. All of these cute packages I keep running across. Maybe I need to get in on the fun.

  10. That is so adorable! I love getting things in the post :)

  11. This is such a cute idea! I love EOS lip balm too - I stock up when I'm in the US. Happy Mother's Day!

  12. whoa whoa whoa, where can I get in on this gift exchange stuff? that is so awesome! and I totally feel ya, I keep trying to convince my husband that I need a future mothers day present this year cause one day I will be a mama haha :)
    Xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  13. Happy Moms day weekend!
    Your cat is beautiful!! And you got so much great stuff! Looks like you will have a fun pampering weekend! This was so much fun and looking at everyone's gifts were fantastic.

  14. Love Liz! She did an awesome job:) Happy 1st human baby Mother's Day.haha


  15. Your cat. It's so fluffy. I just want to cuddle it forever. Have you tried the s'mores frap yet? I haven't, but I really want to

  16. I love that your cat is totally all over it. Haha. Love how she individually wrapped and labeled each item, so cute! Starbucks Ecard? So perfect! I don't care for coffee but LOVE any tea from Starbucks, and I add lemonade to just about every tea I drink.

    Happy Mother's Day to you!

  17. I just did my first swap and it was SO much fun! I love getting mail and getting to make a new blogging friend. My husband is going to cook me dinner on Sunday, since I'm a fur mama!

    xo, Chelsie from Life with Rosie

  18. This is a fun idea! Happy official first Mother's Day to you! At Starbucks, you need to order and iced chai tea latte. They are the bomb!

  19. Fun! I hear the Que Bella masks are great. Let me know how they work.
    Oh Starbucks , hot drinks - chai tea latte or my favorited is a London fog (earl gray tea steamed with a shot of vanilla) and cold - iced chai tea latte (half sweetened) or the Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher.

  20. Awesome gift! Boo to the nail polish, but yay for Starbucks! That's a good swap!