Friday, 27 March 2015

Lets talk about three letter words, GAP, DIY, FAIL....

Uh oh I just can't win for losing!
Fail is a 4 letter word...
Yes it is indeed, and PINTEREST is a 9 letter word.
Pinterest, the world of hopes and dreams, a land where anything is possible, anything is DIY-able!
Sadly I think there may be just as many fails as there are wins in the pinterverse!
Take my sisters Kate Spade dupe earring DIY for example...
She took an old cheap pair of earring she had lying around, the Pin said it was as simple as adding sparkle nail polish and Voila! Kate Spade dupes!

The Pinterest version is the top photo, my sisters actual earring DIY is the bottom photo.
They aren't horrible!! I just don't think anyone will be asking her where she got her lovely Kate Spades from! hehe
You win some you lose some!

So I am obsessed with Spring/Summer clothing lately!
I just keep googling and online shopping, EeEEkkk its getting out of hand!
Since I'm on a fashion kick I thought I would share with you my ALL TIME FAV skinny jegging/legging! Its from the gap, I just discovered them this past fall and have lived in them ever since!
The secret to these skinnys is that they come in sizes small, medium, large instead of the typical 2,4,6,8...
For some reason I cannot find a pant that fits both my thighs and my waist. Either they aren't getting up past my knees or there is a big gapping hole of extra space around my waist and I could fit another person in there with me.
These ones from Gap finally wrangled the best of both worlds and I fit perfectly into them, waist and thigh! Even the length is great because they do that cute little roll up at the bottom if you want, so you can wear them spring, summer, fall and winter!
You can check them out on the website here
They are a bit pricey, but like I say NEVER pay full price!!
Gap always has sales 30, 40% off and if you sign up for emails you get special perks!
(I'm totally selling gap right now I swear they have no idea who I am, I just love them. #stalker lol)
Just to prove how much I love these pants, here are a few photos from this summer/fall.
And that was shortly after giving birth, so you know these things are comfy!!
*Also note if you read a few blog posts back I was raving about Toms footwear, look at my feet in every pic!! I am a creature of habit, I tell ya!
Do you have trouble finding pants??
No I mean like in stores silly!
Pants that fit both waist and thighs and length!!??
Its been a life long struggle for me. Dang it!


  1. Haha, I sympathise so much with the struggle to make things pinterest-worthy... I love your sense of humour :) x

    1. The struggle is real!!! That tricky Pinterest
      Sometimes I am too sarcastic and I'm not sure people get it.
      Glad you do heheh :)

  2. I have had more pinterest fails than I can even count!! Sometimes I'm like ok did they REALLY make that or did they just post a picture of the actual thing?! ;) Pants are always hard for me so I will keep those ones on my list!!!

    1. That's what I think too!!! Put in all that effort or I could go buy it at home sense (home goods? Usa ) for $9.99!! I pick my battles with pinterest lol

  3. Most of my Pinterest projects turn out to be major fails. I tried to make Whole30 approved muffins once, and they turned out green and slimy. Needless to say we didn't eat them haha. I'm 5'0'' tall with short legs, so I'm totally there on the trouble finding pants. I'm wearing a pair of capris now that are long enough to be pants on me.

    1. Eekkk yucky! They make things look so simple and delish but I've learned to be very picky with my pinterest attempts lol!
      The pant struggle is real for so many of us!

  4. Yes, pants - can't ever get the right fit. I'm still looking for the holy grail. And, too funny about those earrings. Close....

    1. As soon as I find a pair that I like I buy them in bulk!!!! But by next season I'm not sure if I've grown or they've shrunk but it's like I'm starting the pant game all over again! Lol

  5. Oh, I need to try those Gap leggings! I wonder if they have them in Spring colors. Going to look now! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ooooo I hope they do!!! I will have to check too!! I love a springy pant colour, it's a little pick me up even on a gloomy day :)

  6. Pants never fit right! Even when they start off good, they're usually stretched out and saggy by the end of the day. So annoying...

    1. Yes!! If I buy a size down they're wayyyy too tight but if I buy my own size by the end of the night I need a belt to keep them from falling off! Brutal!

  7. 1) I Saw those earrings and scoured the internet for them....nordstroms, sold out! so sad. 2) Pinterest is what inspired my blog, most of it is stuff I find there and attempt myself with more realistic "honest" photos of my attempts.
    3) loooove the gap, those pants are adorbz

  8. Darn!!! Always the way!! You could attempt a diy, my sisters not the craftiest yours may turn out better!! Haha
    I love posts about Pinterest!! I'll have to check out your Pinter-dupes :)

  9. Haha! I am constantly "selling" stuff on my blog that I love and I always have to add the disclaimer that it's not sponsored, I just love X, Y, or Z! :)

  10. Cute DIY!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire