Monday, 30 March 2015

Lets talk about aging, eye patches, and bathroom terrors...

Happy Monday my lovely bloggylites..
I received these Eyeko Eye Patches in my February topbox and decided to give them a whirl. I am in desperate need of some under eye help, I'm 28.5 years old and its time to admit I need some help.

Hi I'm Holly
I have a serious cat addiction and
my under eye bags are getting legit.

Its not terrible everyday but on days where I didn't get as much sleep as I should've..
well lets just say you can really, really notice.
I've been testing out a few eye creams, so far nothing miraculous to report back.

So onto the eye patch.. I didn't love getting these slimy things out of the wrapper. they're really slimy!
Placed between two pieces of clear plastic, when opened they were sliding around everywhere and folding over each other. I finally managed to slap them under my eyes, picture someone super awkwardly putting in contact lens...

The package said to massage into under eye to absorb the oils.. ^^^

You leave them on for 30 minutes and then discard and hopefully you'll have beautiful refreshed under eyes!! The package didn't say whether to use in morning or night, which is irritating because I used at night and maybe it was a waste of under eye refreshing since I just went to sleep afterward.

Do I look refreshed??????? ^^^^^ I still see bags... I remember I was really tired this night and just waiting to peel those puppies off so I could hit the hay!

In true amateur blogger fashion I forgot to take a before photo so this is sort of an unfair comparison.
The before photo was slightly earlier in the evening standing in the kitchen. The after is under bedroom light and immediately following my eye patches. Its hard to tell... the bags look slightly less but it may be due to bad lighting/crazy face in the first picture.

I don't think I would purchase these my self, they're $18 per 4 sets so that's roughly $5 per use and I feel like they would need to be used often. Its also kind of an inconvenience to apply them wait 30 minutes then remove I'm limited on time and memory.

I think the better option would be a gel you can apply and forget about or something to apply and sleep on.
I do have these Glam Glow bright mud eye treatment casules waiting for me in Nova Scotia, my sister found them super cheap at Winners $19.99 compared to the Sephora price of $76.00................. I KNOW.
They also have to be left on then wiped off but its a 3 minute process, so I can use it while brushing my teeth to be time efficient! I will keep you posted on that but in other news...


We are finally looking into getting our bathroom reno'd and first step is a brand spanking new tub and shower surround! Ugh if you could see this tub people... It's a MAJOR hack job. That's all I'm going to say for now because things like this need their own blog post. I will just leave you with this picture..

Does anyone have any under eye puffiness advice????
I can't be alone in this!
Any recommendations???
Family secrets??
Help a girl out!

Also if you know of a COAA program in the area please leave me their number..
(Cat Obsessed Adults Anonymous) 
My bags tomorrow are going to be extreme after all these cat tears..


  1. $19 to $76 wow! That's a steal. Let me know if someone suggests some good under-eye stuff. My solution right now is a ton of cover-up....

  2. I think they looked like they worked regardless of the lighting--which makes me want to go buy some!

  3. I am looking for something that helps the bags! No matter how much make up I put on you can see them at times. But I have found that Benefit's Fake Up has helped the best!

  4. It looks like they worked. I got some from Ipsy. I loved it.

  5. I love using collagen gel patches under my eyes, but I get mine at Sally Beauty Supply. They come in a box with maybe a dozen packages for around $10 (I think). I put mine on a night and sleep in them. They don't always completely eliminate puffiness, but they feel so good when I apply them that I almost don't care.

  6. I know your post is about the under eye patches BUT I love your cat video memes :)

  7. I've never heard of these. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I have never heard of these and I am looking lately like I need to try something..Thanks

  9. I would love to give those patches a try! I'm 24 and I need eye cream already *cue ugly crying*

  10. I'm intrigued by those mud eye treatment capsules. I've got awful circles under my eyes and nothing except concealer really works.

  11. Yay for bathroom renos! Hopefully we'll ge to do out master bathroom next year. :) And I love when bloggers try I things out so I either know to give it a go, or pass it up, so thanks Holly!

  12. I haven't tried patches but did try a roll-on thing for the eye lids. Was supposed to make them look less puffy. Didn't work. :-( Might give this one a try.

  13. You are so cute! First off, I don't think you need those patches. I didn't see any undereye makeover needed. You are lovely as is :) Second, YAY for renovations! They are fun, but terrifying at the same time, esp if you are living in the space already. Good luck and can't wait to see the updates!

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