Sunday, 22 March 2015

Lets talk about Beauty and the Newfoundland..

Newfoundland is a beautiful province, there is absolutely no denying that!
Here is a picture from this morning^, right out side our front door. We have the mountains to our left and the ocean scape to our right, some days I just stare out the kitchen window feeling so lucky to be surrounded by all the nature.
Other days Moose run down our drive way and nearly give me a heart attack!
But either way I'm relishing in the beauty because it is stunning, moose and all.
When my January Top Box (monthly beauty subscription) arrived I was very pleased to see they had a local beauty product in tow!!
It was the first I had heard of Indigena beauty so I did a little digging and saw they were born and based out of Newfoundland and I was over come with pride!
You can read more about how Indigena came to be here - About Indigena
But the basic run down is that they were established in 2009 and pride themselves on all natural beauty and skin care. All products made right here at home in Conception Bay South, using nature as ingredient and inspiration!
I was immediately tempted to contact Indigena and get some additional information,
A) Because I love to support local any way I can
B) Because this Blueberry bliss sugar scrub is amazing!! 

My little tub is now near empty because it smells so divine- JUST like lemonade and sugar.
I've been using it as a lip scrub and also took it in the bath and exfoliated my legs, which were in desperate need! It left them looking slick and shiny like a Kardashian leg, I'm not exaggerating! So I will be picking another one of these up for my trip down south, I think it would do amazing things for tanned skin!

Since I will be placing an order I wanted to ask Indigena what some of their top sellers are, they promptly replied and said
Rooibos tea cleanser
Sea Mineral Mist
Labrador Tea Night Cream

Were among some of the best.
I had to admit, I had my eye on that night cream! Who can resist a name like that?!
Labrador?? TEA??? Two of my favorite things! (well Labrador Retrievers hehe)
And go look at the picture/ description it looks so luxurious.
Also keeping on my getting beach ready theme I had eye'd up this Bikini Babe exfoliating soap bar, which seems like a must try.

Like I'm not already hooked enough by the all natural products, home grown approach!
Indigena also offered to give my readers a promo code:

20% off your order when you use the promo code

The promo is good for two weeks,
So go test it out!
Support the Newfoundland &
 East Coast beauty business!
Plus get lovely Natural products
Win Win!
Excited to try some new products, when I get my order I will keep you posted! 
Be sure to #Indigena/look them up on instagram and also tag me @Hollyshousewifelife because I'm nosey and want to see what you order!! :)
Happy Shopping/beautifying!! XO
*I messaged Indigena to tell them I loved them. They offered me a promo code in response. All opinions are honest to goodness mine and legitimate! That is all.


  1. Well first off the scenery outside your front door is AMAZING! I wish it would snow every now and then here in Southern California! The blueberry bliss scrub looks awesome! Might have to go try it out :)

    1. Thank you! It is soooo pretty!!! For a short period of time anyway hahah nothing beats when it's fresh and sparkly :)

  2. I am still drooling over your description of Newfoundland. Seeing a moose is on my bucket list. I have been to Vermont several times, but never got lucky enough to see one. I'll have to come visit you. That's awesome that you are supporting local business!

    1. You will have to!! because they run wild here!! My husband was actually charged by one when he was walking our dog and he caught it on video. I will post it on the blog some day because it is so funny!! (He may be embarrassed, but I'd be scared if a moose charged me too!! Those suckers are huge!!! He just yelled HEY!! STOP!! HEY!) luckily no one was hurt- moose,dog nor husband lolol

  3. I love new beauty goodies! That lip scrub looks awesome. Especially after this dry, crazy winter season! =)

    1. Yes!!! I'm finding my lips so dry and chapped I need a nice scrub so my lipstick won't settle in the cracks and give me granny lip!

  4. That roobios tea cleanser sounds really interesting. What a cool find :)

    1. I ordered some!! I'll blog about once I give it a go :)

  5. It looks beautiful over there,. definitely need to put it on my bucket list. The tea cleanser does sound really good.

    1. If you are a nature lover Newfoundland is a dream!! Moose, whales it's really a lovely place! I prefer shopping malls hehe so I have to remind myself to appreciate it :))

  6. Replies
    1. I placed a order for more items so I will follow up when I get my hands on em! :)

  7. That is a cute name for a night cream! I make my own scrubs - they're really easy to make!

    1. I am such a sucker for names and packaging! It's a weakness!!! I actually made some similar products with my girl guides and they were really fun and fairly simple!! :)

  8. That top picture is beautiful! You're adorable and the scenery looks wonderful (minus the snow...I hate that stuff)

    1. Awwww thank you, muchly! I know eh?!! I love it when it's fresh and sparkly but this time of year when it gets mucky and gross. I'm over it, bring on the summer!!