Sunday, 1 March 2015

Let's talk about winning!!

Thank you everyone for the comments on the giveaway post!! 
I am so happy to hear beauty blogs are well loved because beauty is my bread and buttah. 
I have so many products waiting to be reviewed with a sprinkle of baby/life events coming up, so onward and upward! 

Now can I get a drum roll please... helped me out with the giveaway winner and the prize goes to.. 

Comment #2!!!! 
Whoot Whoot Krista Ali!!!! 

I will send you a message for mailing info! 
I wish I could send a gift to everyone (I considered it) but I had to reel myself back in lol. 
However if anyone wants a post card, I'd  be up for sending out some Newfoundland postcards! I love the excitement of opening the mailbox to something other than bills/flyers gives my day a little pick me up. Message me your mailing address and we can get a little post card train going! 

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