Monday, 9 March 2015

Lets talk about the beauty boxes...

Monthly beauty boxes I'm obsessed with them!
I honestly just CAN'T. GET. ENOUGH.
                                                  ^ Every time I sign up for a new monthly subscription
Around the time I signed up for Ipsy I also signed up for Beauty box 5, I was on a monthly sub high and went for it. Beauty box ships out of Texas and costs $12 per month if you sign up monthly, you can get a discount if you sign up for quarterly/yearly. Of course its free shipping... Unless you live in Canada then you add an extra $3 per monthly box (ughh Canada). The first couple of boxes were great, the products are non 'high end' products but I'm not a fancy gal so I liked the variety.
But then this happened... the top two photos ^  are the December, January Beauty boxes.
Not impressed.
The top left isn't so bad I suppose, but blue eye shadow and purple eyeliner? I may as well toss them into the Halloween makeup pile. I am a beauty blogger so I'm going to give them an honest attempt before completely writing them off but I just cant see a world where I will look good in blue shimmer shadow. Unless the world suddenly jumps back to the 1980's..
The top right come on... a mini sample perfume?? glitter polish and a bunch of other brands I've never heard of, I was positive Beauty Box 5 was done for me. I was cancelling as soon as I had a chance.
Then came the February box HALLELUJAH, finally some brand names I've heard of. After a couple of dud months I feel like I've got $15 worth of product in this one, the Revlon colourstay alone is about $8 at Walmart. So I decided I will give the Beauty box 5ers a chance to redeem themselves and keep my subscription going for now
 But in the rank of monthly boxes, if you are thinking about signing up I would recommend checking out topbox, ipsy, julep I feel like they have been more consistent with sending me items I love.
I did an easy peasy 'tutorial' look with the BB5 February items and I'm happily adding them to my regular makeup rotation because I was really happy with the outcome. Believe it or not I actually don't wear much makeup, I've only caught the makeup bug the last year or so and its more of a I freaking LOVE makeup but I have no idea how to wear it bug. Hence why blogging has been good for me, it gets me trying new things and out of my makeup comfort zone. But don't take my advice/ tutorials as holy grail because I'm just a newbie learner, if that's you too well we can learn together :)

I love that the avon eye shadow chubby stick is a neutral colour, I've worn it the last 3 days and it just adds a subtle pale gold shimmer to my lid.
The marsk loose dust powder I use in the eye corner and a bit on the brow bone.
And finish with a swipe of pink lip gloss! I'm kind of obsessed with the lip balm, its soft and melty and deliciously bubble gummy scented. Its has the exact scent of hubba bubba so that's a win in my book! 
^ Also I've been wearing this Joe Fresh $9.99 scarf every day in place of a jacket and it is amazinggggg. See my instagram for more photos of this beauty.
Are you a beauty box 5er??
Have you even heard of beauty box 5????
Whats your fav monthly sub??
Tell me so I can sign up!
Don't tell my hubby though, he thinks all the packages I get are from the same subscriber and they just send me a lot.... Muahahhahhhh

                          ^ Just nod and slowly walking with my parcel(s) now.. yup.


  1. Nevwr thought of signing upbfor one of these services. Now maybe considering it...shhh dont tell my hunny

  2. You're gorgeous. Such a great job at doing natural-looking makeup! If only I knew how to do my own, I'd love to subscribe. -Marielle |

  3. I see these boxes everywhere! I think its a sign for me to find one that I'll love

  4. What a great idea to be able to try something new.

  5. You're gorgeous! I want to find a good one for a good price!

  6. What a great way to get beauty products! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Never heard of Beauty Box 5 but I am a Ipsy subscriber. I will have to look into this one!
    xo, Christina

  8. Gorgeous! It looks so natural and fresh on you -- perfect for springtime. I'm loving that lipgloss!

  9. I've always wanted to sign up for one of these... now I want to even more....