Friday, 6 March 2015

Lets talk about DIY, home decor, Kardashians..

My family is basically the same as the Kardashians..
Well without the money, or the fame, reality tv show, mansions, cars..
Ok we have nothing in common but the one thing Kardashians/MacNeils mutually enjoy is all black and white EVERYTHANG. Black and white home décor, fashion all of it, its so hot right now and we love it.
My sister came home with this DIY idea: do you want Kate Spade-esque décor boxes without the Kate Spade price tag? YUP we did. So follow this simple DIY.
     ^ Inspiration photo                    ^ Purchase plain boxes from Michael's $2-4ish

^  Materials needed:
- Painters tape 
- Black paint
- Paint brushes
- My sister also changed the hardware from silver to gold, she did this with a gold leaf paint from Michael's.
Tape off stripe area, paint in white area, allow to dry, peel off tape and VOILA!
I don't think I can explain it any simpler, the pictures really are self explanatory.
Up close you can see its not perfect but from a distance they look wonderful!
And with a higher quality tape/slightly more patient hand you could probably get your stripes striped to perfection!

                  ^ before                              and                 ^ after
This is her TV stand where she went box crazy and painted the second box with free hand gold circles/ black top. Then she kept the box theme rollin and painted a couple of pink boxes for a pop of colour. Looks awfully cute and practical! Hide all your clutter, paint your own Kate Spade boxes today! I sound like I should be on QVC.

Secondly, do you all thrift shop???
My family has become/always have been thrifters but as of late they have gone crazy with the thrift shopping.
Any second hand, flea market, yard sale, value village beware!
But they have got some amazing deals, check out this dinner ware set my sister picked up at Value village! ^^^^^^

Do you see that $149.99 price tag??? Do you want to take a guess at what she paid for it all??
Really guess I'll give you a minute..
She got all of the above dishes for $20,
if that doesn't send you running for Value Village I don't know what will!
oh wait classy and Kardashian in the same sentence, that doesn't work..
just kidding, just kidding I love me some KUWTK!
Happy DIY and bargain hunting friends! :)


  1. I love that DIY box!! So brilliant & so easy! Thanks for the share, I can see I'll be looking around my house to figure out where I can add me some DIY painted boxes, lol. :-)

  2. Those are great boxes! I love how they turned out, that is a great idea.

  3. yay! we have something in common!!! I absolutely love all things Kardashians, and so many people hate them. But whatever, those are super cute! I have got to make some!

  4. LOVELY!!! I love DIY projects, but I am no Martha Stewart haha My online shop's decor is mostly black, white, and gold so this would be a fun project for my little office nook.

  5. Love those storage boxes and those plates! What a steal!

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