Thursday, 19 March 2015

Lets talk about insanity and the basic face..

You know how sometimes you wake up and you're just like,
"oh I have a baby, 3 cats, 1 dog, a husband, a blog, a bunch of other random stuff going on but what I don't have is ANY TIME FOR MYSELF."
OH I know I AM. 
Alone in that?
Just me?
As the blog grows in popularity it seems to be a blessing and a curse, mainly because I pride myself on being mostly a beauty blogger yet I have less and less time to beautify myself and test the products for the beauty posts! - go figure 
Anywho I will never frown upon blog success!! And I will in turn try to reply to comments left in a more timely fashion but in Hollys world I am always the last one to the party, so don't hold your breath! hehe. I do read/appreciate every kind comment left, so thank you, thank you, thank you!
Now since life has been hectic as of late, I've been going towards the basic face for everyday.
This is my 'I'm not planning on leaving the house but it might happen or someone might show up at the door so I'd better not look like a complete zombie face', face. 
Yeah, I woke up like dis
1.First things first, CURL DEM LASHES.
Even on my worst day where I look like poo, I curl my lashes. You just have too, (well if you're me) it will really open up your eyes and wake up your face.
2.Next up Maybellines age rewind concealer.
There has been a lot of hype about this, and its legit hype. It conceals well, covers redness, dark spots, blemishes. My only gripe is that this is the lightest shade and I still find it a bit dark/orangey toned for me. I need like THE LIGHTEST, like snow white, white concealer. I SPF like there's no tomorrow every summer, this girl is not a sun worshipper!
3. EYEBROWS, fill 'em in. Even if its just the tiniest, quickest swish fill - do it! Frames that face baby!
4. Mascara - Obvi, you didn't curl those lashes just to have them fall out so swipe a layer of mascara to hold. I love, love, love this Cover girl mascara but only the purple tube kind! (I will make it its own blog post)
5. Lip Gloss and DONE.
That wasn't so hard, my hair is second day, I throw on a t shirt (Exact Joe Fresh T here, best kind, new ones out, boyfriend T, so comfy) and sweat pants (exact old navy pant here , cropped length, lovely, comfy, soft) and now I feel decent. Not the grandest I've ever felt, not utilizing my most expensive makeup purchases but some days (most days) a girls just gotta get out of zombie mode.
Already talked about it but really happy with this lip gloss from Beauty Box 5's February box!
smells delish, slippery and slightly tinted.
*Something annoying, I just searched the BB5 website to see where to purchase this lip balm and it was no where to be found. The lip balm is not on the site anywhere that I could find. Also googled the brand but its such a common name nothing immediately popped up.
A blog I stumbled upon did have a review of the balm, she said she picked them up at Marshalls so let me know if anyone see them there!!
However (another pet peeve of mine GRRR) the blog no where in the about page or post said where she is located. This has got to be the biggest IRK for me as a blogger, I don't want your exact home address but can you give me something to go off of address wise because I'd like to know if that product is something I can actually get my hands on or if you're posting from the opposite side of the globe!
Any whoodle, just a quick update!
Make it a fabulous day!  XO


  1. You know what, you can own that crazy season! You just did an amazing job for a mom like me that doesn't want to always look like I crawled out of the garbage can, but doesn't have time to be all that glamorous either! You mentioned the age rewind. Do you have a post that you have done that touches on a more "mature" makeup routine? I do realize you are really young, but I thought I'd check ;)

    1. It is soooo hard getting myself ready everyday but I find even if I do a little hair/beauty it will be a much more productive day because I don't feel like a major couch potato!! (even tho I am hhehe!)
      I don't have a more mature routine as of yet but I will add it to my 'to blog' list!!
      Thanks for commenting :)

  2. I am all about the minimal effect. Well minimal work effect. I ave three kids that need to be up and ready to go in the morning. But with them still being young and two just in preschool a lot of the time that means me doing all the work to get them ready. Leaving myself with minutes to spare before I run out the door. In a ideal world I would wake up early and have time to beautify, but I live in reality and need those extra 15 minutes of sleep. I will have to try the age rewind. I am 29, so am not in a big time need to rewind much yet. But, did grow up a ton in the sun so I need a great cover up for sun damaged skin. I will have to give it a try.

  3. Great post! It is hard to be able to find time for blogging sometimes! I am not a mother however between my two jobs, my art, projects I am involved in, going to the gym and then trying to find time to spend with my husband is super hard! Ohh and notice there is no me time listed in there...that is usually taken place at the gym! Ha! There is so much more than just sitting down, writing then done for the blog! There is connecting, reading, research, staying on top of social media and participating in groups! Great presentation of a quick get up and polish! Have a great weekend!

  4. Eyebrows, mascara, and lip gloss... ohmygosh, we were meant to be bffs, those are totally my bare minimums too! Love your style of writing, btw. Always look forward to reading your posts. :D

  5. You look great! I like the minimal makeup look. And I totally agree, curling your eyelashes makes all the difference!

  6. You're gorgeous! I curl my lashes everyday and wear blush!