Saturday 28 May 2022

Five on Friday!

 It's 5 on Friday!! 

Well, its Saturday but I missed last Friday and the weeks are starting to all blur together so I really want to get this out there. It's so amazing for my own personal record to have these memories documented in this way, I read older blog posts and I am jolted back to that mostly forgotten moment in time. 

I am so happy to be back with some consistency and I would love if you felt inspired to start your own blog, public or private, paper journal or virtual. It's such a great little hobby and has brought me so much joy and special friendships. 

1. Trigger Warning for this one

This may be a bit of a trigger.

I am not doing well with all the pain and violence lately. I am incredibly sad and feeling very alone. Every day is difficult for me, that burden never takes a day off but when yet again, a fresh deep devastation happens and on the back of another and another... I find it unbearable to shoulder.

Because I believe it doesn't have to be this way if only we would put aside our differences & come together. It's time to be proactive not reactive.

What I've learned that means for me personally is that I will continue to try and contain my emotions, continue on with sharing the positive, advocating, channel my energy into constructive efforts and remember you cannot fight violence with violence. 

Please take some time to soak in the little things and share some kindness this week. 💗

Now onto the 5..

Nilah is officially signed up for Pre-school in the fall! It will be a couple of mornings (half days) a week every week. We attended the open house for her and she was thrilled! 

She really loves other kids and has a great little imagination. She didn't want to leave the orientation and her teachers laughed that she shouldn't have any shyness attending come the fall. 

The Pre-school is absolutely amazing, Noelle had such a fabulous experience there and it really prepared her for Pre Primary. 

But this week especially, it just felt incredibly emotional, she's so little.. is it safe.. I had to dig through all the feelings. 

I know she is going to flourish and for myself I looked into some options for filling my time while she's at school. Not that I would have any problem finding ways to fill time 😂 but I want to be very intentional and maybe try something new.. I looked into a few things and there is a Yoga Class nearby that fits the time frame perfectly so to start I think I will sign up for that.

My girlfriends and I tried to commit to some yoga classes a few months back but something always fell through = snow storms, sickness, holidays, so having one class in the am when I am guaranteed to be child free (unless someone gets sick etc. 👻)  it should work out great!

It feels like levelling up in my mom-game! A short time when all my kids will be in school, I am excited to begin the new season.


See below for the video!

@hollyshousewifelife My fav is back!!! @Catrice Cosmetics #beautyblogger #halifax #rosecea #roseceacheck #momlive #fyp #PCMadeMeBuyIt ♬ original sound - Holly Clarke

Which is just so awesome, affordable and I was pleasantly surprised to see it was relaunched with an upgraded formula and packaging. 

THEN, I was watching Rachhloves <Click that link

And she mentioned something similar.. that I now MUST TRY 💝

Click here to see the Wet N Wild color corrector

This is also a wonderful drug store brand, it is a cushion formula which I usually love because the coverage should be light and natural. 

Will keep you posted! 



Another beauty product that I absolutely loved and was so happy to find at my local Shoppers Drug Mart was this Versed Beauty brand specifically the Makeup remover, click here

This is an up and coming brand with really great reviews. I've used an entire container of this cleansing balm and I will repurchase!

Let me know if you've tried it or anything by Versed. 

4. We wrote some letters this week.

IYKYK Noelle is getting great at writing! She practices all the time and she really enjoys it ^

& we really appreciated this super cute note that was taped to the freshly painted benches. Thank you for taking the time to add a little fun to our day 😘

5. And we've watched lots and lots of Tv/Movies but what's sticking out to me right now is the movie 

Queen Pins Click Here

Gosh, was this on Amazon Prime?? I think so. 

It has Kristen Bell in it and its about couponing so I was already intrigued. 

I was also thrilled to see the Post Office being represented! Theres just not enough Post Office inclusion in tv and movies imo 😍

Worth a watch if you ask me!!

Ok, thats it for now, thanks so much for hanging out and chat soon!

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  1. Love your positivity and authenticity! I, too, am so bothered by one traumatic event after another but what’s worse is all the controversy and bickering about how to solve the problems of the world. Ugh. We’re on the same team, people! A few months ago you were talking about how you squash arguments like that by agreeing and diverting the attention to “what do you think would be a good idea…?” And that has stuck with me! So many people think that a different opinion = wrong.

    Anyway, just wanted to tell you that that stuck with me. Have a lovely weekend!

    Francine (not sure why it’s making me comment as “anonymous” lol…isn’t that only for trolls?!) 🤦🏼‍♀️😆

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