Saturday, 7 May 2022

Five on Friday!

 It's Friday Yeahhh.

Well it's Saturday as I just couldn't get myself typing last night after Mattea's loss on Jeopardy! 

She had such an amazing run and all of Canada is so proud. With an extra special shout out from the East Coast and Nova Scotia in particular, we will never forget how she brought us together and inspired so many. So happy for her! Congratulations!

She wrote this really lovely blog, click here to read all about her Jeopardy! adventure

1. Trying to get back into doing fun looks with the girls hair (and mine too! see below)

Noelle has developed her own sense of style and likes to wear her hair down lately so I haven't had as much fun with updos recently and Nilah likes to copy her big sister.. but I have been able to get a few "do's" in and this bubble braid is soooo simple yet so cute!

All you need is elastics and starting at the front continue adding a little more hair to every section. 

Its really not a braid at all but its a nice tidy way to keep their hair back.

2. Nilah and I went for her hearing appointment and it went great! She seems to be right on the mark for everything and she followed all their instructions so well, even when they were a bit advanced. 

She had her ears looked at with some scope things and then we sat in the booth while she listened to instructions on when to put pegs into a peg board, she pointed to photos, etc, etc and everything was perfect. 

The only request is to come back within two years just to keep an eye on some possible damage to some little hair things (look I am no doctor and don't have the wording in front of me Lolol) basically they're a bit imperfect but it could be from her grinding her teeth etc. Which if you look at any photo of Nilah smiling you will see her jaw is always wonky and she's a grinder, but at this age there's not much you can do. 

3. May the 4th be with you! Star Wars Day was this week and I did not get my buns tutorial up before the date but I will try to get it on instagram soon, may as well since I already filmed it! It will just be very early for next year, love being super ahead of the game 😆

4. We said GoodBye to Uncle Jac's house this week. 

He moved near us about 6 years ago & it was very sad to say goodbye, we are going to miss him so much but the market is hot and now is the time to sell if you've been meaning to. 

So onto a new chapter and I hear he's going to visit us even more than before! aka I decided he will. 😂 

5. Giant Tiger had some super cute matching dresses and some Mothers Day T shirts! If you're reading this on May 7th I have some other examples in my stories on Instagram. 

The pricing is good, dresses for kids $15 each and $18 for mine but the T shirts is where its at! Only $5 each or 2 for $8!

Old Navy also has some amazing matching family outfits right now and I am HERE FOR IT. 
Hoping to grab 1 or 2 before our Summer Vacations.

I always try to order a size or 2 up from what the kids are currently wearing because you can squeeze a couple of years out of things if you try to plan the sizes well. 

Thats it for now! Will keep things short and sweet because I have a million things to do! Would love to get back this week with some hits & misses posts, a thrifty Thursday post and my Easter tradition post that I've been wanting to share but who knows what's really going to make it live! 

Proud of myself for publishing 5 on Friday 3 weeks in a row now!😆

If you start a 5OF tag me in it so I can have a read 💗

Happy Weekend!!!!!!

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