Monday, 9 May 2022

Hit Or Miss Monday!

 It's time for Hit or Miss Monday!

A big hit was finding these jeans at Winners for $25!
I looked up the brand and I am more confused than ever because everything on the site is sold out and it seems there is some connection to Kendall and Kylie??

Anywhoo, I know that Winners is hit or miss (hehe) for even finding something that you've seen someone else buy so may the odds be ever in your favour!

I did try on another pair of Jeans from this brand in the same size but they did not fit, so as the old saying goes try before you buy!

$49 for this pink dress, oh no, oh no, oh no, no, no, no, no.

Noellie took me shopping and she loved this print! Too bad the fit wasn't a hit. 

Winners/Homesense is my absolute favourite place to pick up porch decor.

The outdoor rugs and pillows are gorgeous.

I did not bring these home with me but it was close!

Nails Inc is one of my absolute favorite nail polish brands!
I always pick it up at Sephora but oh my goodness, now that I know its at Winners, I will never pay full price again.

This Pink and Orange duo was one I wanted SO badly a couple of years ago.

I never forget a beauty product so I even went back for the link to my friend Renees post -

Renee herself is another one of my hits!! She is such a rockstar, she is a working mama, creates amazing blog posts and inspires me with all of her beauty content.

I just got giddy scrolling back in her feed looking for that nail polish pic, so many fun beauty looks and incredible nail art.

These baskets are the stinking cutest thing I've ever seen!!!
So I am kind of lying about the 'miss' but I would love to DIY it.
I have all the materials and I think I could make it, I've been saying that since Valentines Day when I also saw this style of rainbow on a pillow at Walmart but maybe someday soon I will get the time!

I currently have this style DIY rainbow hanging in the girls room, I made it during the OG 2020 lockdown and would love to try my hand at another one. 

Another lie!

I love this table but I do not have it in the budget to bring home with me so I am going to attempt a DIY of something similar to this one too. Stay Tuned :)

This Freaking Mario walkie talkie is picking up someone else talking and I am NOT here for it.
Smuggling this out of the house first chance I get 😂

Epicure Pulled Pork is fantastic and so simple. Set it in the slow cooker and forget it. 

Makes an awesome slider, or sloppy Joe style burger, can be served on its own with veggies and rice, and is even better the next day.

Epicure Queso was not my fav and I gifted these to my friend Sarah.

Picked these sugar cones up from Giant Tiger last week because I had a nostalgic moment but I also sent these along to a friends house since my body can't handle a cone full of sugar like it use to 😂

And that's a wrap!!

Whats something that has been your hit/miss of the week.

Happy Monday!!!

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