Monday, 16 May 2022

What to buy at Costco.. May 2022

Non Spon by Costco but should be, so feel free to share 😂

We have been experimenting with ways to make our $ go further.

I've found some gems at Costco that help the budget and I've also listed some items that are just for fun but good value. 

And as always I have to suggest thrifting or buying used, the climbing dome and swing are great examples of how buying a classic item can lead to it being loved for many years and then handed off to other families before its lifetime wears out. 

Also, want to note that Costco Items seem to be a few dollars more online and a few dollars less in store, I'm not sure why or how that comes to be but take note.

Sadly they changed the shape of this children's climbing dome.. 
I purchased this one second hand and the kids love it! 

The new one is linked below and is an investment but if you have a Little Rock climber on your hands this may be for you. 

$329 new or keep an eye on buy and sells.

The swing in the centre of ours does not come with the dome but is also available at Costco and this swing is a HUGE hit!! Its sooo fun hanging and swinging in a tree or very cool attached in the centre of the dome. 

Click Here to see the new shape and colour of the climbing dome $329

Click Here to see the round swing  $59

Click Here to see the 2 seater swing, its bomb dig! $79 

This is my favourite brand of Gluten Free bread.

I usually purchase the wide slice white bread style, but I cannot pass up this Seeds and Grains version as its 2 for the price of 1 at Costco. 

No online link so sorry. 

These Croissants have been a game changer!!
Our kids will eat a croissant as breakfast, lunch, supper, snack and dessert 😂

I actually considered making my own croissants from scratch at one point but I knew I could never haha

These are unbaked frozen croissants and every couple of days I pop a few in the oven, they're so fresh and buttery. 

I'm so thankful to my friend Little Sarah Birch Click HERE for having these at her house last month and giving me the idea because its one of those things I would walk past for 100 years but probably never pick up on my own. 

Completely changed the game for school lunches 😍

You must grab these!! Under $20 in store and all the rage for sandal style this year!

As Dr. Strang would say "now is not the time for Costco sandals" but Holly's Housewife Life says 
THE TIME IS NOW! GO GO GO. 2022 Sandals are hot, hot, hot!

I actually have a pair of sandals so incredibly similar to these coming in my Summer 2022 Jilly Box so I didn't pick these up but I convinced my girlfriend hahaha.

This Maple Syrup is Bomb dot com, we use soooo much real maple syrup in our house.

Since I recently discovered my intolerance to Dairy I've made the switch completely to Almond Milk for things like my coffee and this Almond beverage is great!

I enjoy making my at home coffee using this Almond mix and I slightly sweeten it further using the maple syrup above. 

The Almond beverage itself is great and has a slight vanilla flavour but I am Buddy the Elf apparently and Maple Syrup is one of my basic food groups, so more is more.

What I like about this Almond drink is that it comes in a box of 6!

Click Here for the Almond Drink $14

Costcos garden centre is getting started! And people were clearing it out already, last week I saw everyone going with cart fulls. 

It's a bit early to leave your flowers outside but if you take them in at night they should be ok. 

My hack is to purchase these beautiful full hanging baskets ($25) and split them up, transfer into pots.

(see photo above of me starting that) 

It's a great way to get a variety of flowers for an affordable price 

and your local lazy lady hack for us non green thumbs.

Okie doke, that's it for this week!! 

Hit me up with what I should add to next months Costco run!

Happy Monday, have a great week 💝

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