Saturday 31 December 2022


Happy New Year!! 2023 already, my oh my.

How are you feeling going into the New Year?

Do you have a new word for the upcoming year?


Anything you're looking forward to or looking forward to leaving behind? 

Dish the TEA here, we've got a safe space 💗

I am very much looking forward to January 1st! 

I love a Monday, a months start, a new season and although I am not a big resolution maker, I LOVE to try again. Make a list, brainstorm things, try something new, get knocked down, pick myself up and try it again, try it again. 

My word this year is something like 'Simplicity'.

You may know that we have been doing some pretty major home edits this last year.

We built a beautiful new shed, moved all the items from the unfinished basement into the shed & garage. 

Our amazing contractor then took the basement from a concrete room to a beautiful finished space with multiple bedrooms (we had to knock out windows!! windows from scratch! We didn't even have windows down there), full bathroom, rec room and all the fix-ins. 

We also added built ins to our main living room, a feature wall in our dining area, added a light fixture in the dining area, dimmer switches, painted everything, all the walls needed it after so much construction and materials being brought through this main level. 

We did paint the kids bathroom upstairs as well, this had never been painted by us and was painted with the wrong paint years ago. A satin paint was used by the house builders and it was SO dirty. I scrubbed and scrubbed but could not get that paint to look even remotely clean. 

Our primary ensuite had a leak early last year and unfortunately we have not dealt with that yet. Our shower has been unusable for many months but we are hopefully crossing that bridge in the new year and phew, we will finally be done!!

We really created our dream space, I am feeling so grateful and thankful for this space and these people who brought our vision to life!

I am thankful, thankful, thankful, I am so happy.

Along with all this change came a lot of dates, choices, appointments, meetings, picking things, designing things, choosing things, prepping things, cleaning things, moving things, you see where I am going with this.

I had to be available all the time to a lot of people and my, I am a creator but this project has been my biggest to date!! I felt pretty burned out by the end of it. 

Our house still has some finishing touches to add - cabinet doors, carpet on stairs, etc but its pretty much wrapping up/wrapped around December 23rd. 

We dove straight into the holidays after that with Nicks Birthday added into that week and a trip to Cape Breton.

So what does 2023 hold for Holly's House?

I am hoping a whole lot of nothing! 😂

I am craving some hot drinks, warm baths, good books, Netflix binges, skincare routines, craft room organizing, creating, creating, creating. 

I want to CREATE!

I want to play with makeup and chat about lipsticks. 

I so badly want to find myself again and reply to friends texts. 

2023 I hope to sleep more, bed earlier, yoga again, text back (at least half the time!😆) 

I dream of getting ahead of the planning for school PTO events, knit more, walk outdoors. 

Take more photos in front of Post Offices, go bowling, play board games, bake, soups (soup gets its own category. thank you), print photos, scrapbook, etc. etc. etc.

It sounds like a lot and it is a lot 😂 but I've always loved A LOT.

I am looking forward to moving all the things I love into a space with more simplicity. Now that the construction is done, I can construct a fresh set up in this home. 

I can't wait to fill my craft room with my treasures (aka my garbage finds😆) I look forward to showcasing my books on my new built in shelves, I can not part with books, its a problem!! Now they have somewhere to be 💛

 The kids toys have a new home downstairs and its encouraged more playing because they can see what they have, overall we can organize the chaos a bit more and  I can't wait to putter into 2023 with my slippers on and a good cup of tea in hand. 

All the love to you this New Year and beyond!💖

The Clarke Family



  1. Happy New Year Holly! I love a good reset time - your house looks great! I got a huge purge and clean done before the New Year and it felt amazing and refreshing!

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