Friday, 2 February 2018

Can a Brother/Sister combo still be best friends?...

I know what you all are going to say "YES. I am so close to my brother omg."

But really, I think this is a very valid question, brothers and sisters???
I struggled so hard with the thought, what combo of kids would I have?

Before I had any, I could only imagine myself as a girl mom.
I love 'girly' things (I'm going to use gender stereotypes in a very light-hearted way in this blog, it's not to be taken the wrong way. Girls can play with trucks, boys can wear pink. just humour me in this post ;))

Of course, I could see myself braiding hair and buying frilly dresses.
Then when I was expecting Elliott the ultrasound tech said "its a boy!", right away my future changed and I saw myself as a 'boys only' mom.

I don't know why.
Maybe because I wanted so badly to be a girl mom, I thought the universe would spite me.
All I could see was myself with two boys, even when I let my mind go to the thought that maybe then we would have a third... BOOM. IT WOULD BE ANOTHER BOY.
I just knew it.

When we had the ultrasound for Noelle I was ONLY looking for boy parts, I knew what to look for and I knew it would be there.

But during the ultrasound I got confused and so did Nick, there wasn't really a boy to be seen but you know those ultrasounds are like unscrambling scrambles so we couldn't be sure.
The Halifax hospital doesn't tell you the sex so you have to wait to see your own doctor which can take days.

We left that appointment and we were about 80% sure, it was a girl. 

I had prepped myself for life with 2 boys, it was going to be great, they would be best friends and love me the most (because boys love their mamas) and I would be great friends with their future girlfriends/wives, I would be the best mom-in-law, we would go grocery shopping together and I would be involved but not too involved, no one would label me 'the annoying MIL'.
It was going to be adorable.
Very Victoria Beckham (before she had Harper lol).


Never in my wildest dreams would I have pictured my life with 1 boy and 1 girl.

Do brothers and sisters even get along??!?!?!?!?!

I know you all will tell me they do and you're so close to your brother/sister.....
but how do I trust that?!?!

Someone needs to send me text screenshots and selfie photos so I can start to understand how a boy/girl sibling set up is going to work.

Right now they love each other SO much.
I'm not even sure they could love each other more if they were the same sex.

Because they are different but the same it kind of gives them each a special place in the family, I always tell Elliott he's the best boy ever and Noelle is my best girl.

He loves being her BIG brother and is so helpful and protective of her.
He still wakes up every morning and asks "wheres my baby?'

He wants to see her asap and when we joke about giving her back to the hospital he gets very upset and says "we can't because I love her and shes my sister".

Its all super cute!

But the future!
What does the future look like and how do we keep them being BFFs?

They're almost exactly 3 years apart so I hope they will have enough in common to keep close, but what else should I do to guarantee it?

Put them in similar sports/activities?
Buy one of those t-shirts that you put them in when they disagree (this is our getting along t-shirt) maybe if I force them to physically be close they will be close in spirit and minds?

You know I'm kidding but really what is the best approach for the brother/sister bond?

Family suppers?
Family time in general?
Even when you have a sister/sister, brother/brother pair there's obviously no guarantees they will become or stay friends, but if you have any inside info on this, please send my way!

I'm genuinely curious as to how this will play out.
Only time will tell!


  1. There is a five year age gap between me and my brother, but I am the oldest. Honestly, we have never been close, even now as adults. However, I always wanted an OLDER brother! I bet Elliott will be one of those protective older brothers when Noelle starts to date, haha.

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