Monday, 26 February 2018

Happiness Breeds, sweet moments this week...

I wanted to keep this happy train going every week, choo choo!

Unfortunately, I don't follow the news as much as I once did... honestly it was doing more harm than good for me, so I had to take a step back.

I love current events and politics but the climate these last few years has been so stormy, I just couldn't bear the whole weight of it.

These days I follow a lot of my celeb sites (you can be intelligent AND love celebs! ;) ) and Nick keeps me up to date on the politics I need to know about. (I am not ignorant, I just had to stop reading every available article, ever. It was making me a crazy person!)

As far as happy stories go, it’s really hard to find what I am looking for without stumbling upon all the heartache. That leaves this blog post a little bit stale, it will only be stories from our family coming at you this week.

If you do see any happy, uplifting stories, videos, news articles send them my way so I can share them in next weeks ‘sweet moments’. (baby animal stories always get me!)

First off, this photo. ^ 
I love looking through all my snaps, I zoom in on backgrounds etc.
And if you're making a funny/ugly face in any one of my photos you get zoomed in on and sent to my sister group text, this has been happening for years, sorry.

But this one was so sweet, Elliott was holding Noelle's little foot and it just makes my heart welp.
He really, really loves her.
Whenever we ask him about having another brother or sister he will say he wants another little sister,
and when we ask why?
He says, “because I love my sister!”

*Noelle has extra long toes.
She's going to be one of those fingers as toes people!
I'm going to break the news to her early so she will have time to grieve and brace herself for the coming jokes.

This Dr. Jart Shake and shot mask at Sephora $15 was really fun!
I recommend it if you're looking for an entertainment factor.
Dr. Jart is great at skincare but I wouldn't get this one solely for results, I would look forward to the experience. 

I took Elliott on a mommy and me date to see Peter Rabbit and it was so good!

I loved it and will for sure watch again with Nick.

It was a tad over Elliott's head (he's 3) but honestly, he understood it even better than I thought he would! He explained the whole thing to my mom and Nick when we got home and he went into way more detail than I anticipated.

I don’t want to give away the story but there’s a tremendous amount of ups and downs which he kept in the proper order so it was adorable listening to him describing it. 

I think this girl is keeping her dimples and they're just the cutest.
Still not sure what colour her eyes will end up, the change daily!

I've tried a ton of new makeup lately! (Or new to me)

Some are going to be permanent staples, I will make a dedicated post of some sort ASAP but just to start..

The Ordinary products (click!) they're all so good and so cheap!

This Coty ^ Click photo
Setting powder that will be my only setting powder from here on out, forever and ever. 

We are working on Noelle's bedroom, this ^ is before we emptied the dresser full of clothes onto the bed. It got much, much worse before its going to get better but stay tuned to Insta stories for that!

energy bites

NO Bake energy balls! Click

I make these all the time and they're from my fellow ECMM blogging friend Gina.
Super yum!

And that’s all I can think of right now (midnight, just watched the women tell all- bachelor and wowie) 

Let me know what’s been making you smile this week! 

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