Monday, 19 February 2018

My go to hair: Dutch Braids....

I LOVE a braided hair look.
In my opinion, braids are the most underutilized of all the hairdos!

You always see the girls with ponies, top knots or down and flowy but how often do you see a braid??

French braid, Dutch braid, Fishtail, Piggy tail, Milkmaid braid, Braided bangs...
I wear ALL of them and I get so. many. compliments.

Really, whenever I am out wearing a braid people stop and say "Oh I love your hair" and I'm just laughing to myself because the main reason I wear braids is to conceal old, greasy hair. 

easy braids, dutch braids

By far my favorite of them all is the Dutch Braid, its basically a French braid done inside out and it always looks professional and fancy even though I pull the heck out of it to make it look loose and sloppy!

To learn a dutch braid (on yourself or others! both have pros and cons) start with your hair divided down the middle, section off one side and begin at the root of the other side.

Break a small section of your hair into 3 sections (just like a normal braid) but instead of folding the hair over top of each other you're going to fold one piece at a time under the other piece.

This is really hard to put into words so see video below and feel free to google & Pinterest dutch braids, that's how I taught myself about 5 years ago!

dutch braid hair updo

I filmed this video as a test run to see how clear my camera was, I apologize that its not very focused or angled in the proper area but I thought this was a good start to see how I go about it and from here I can re-shoot and start uploading more videos of my personal hair looks :)

dutch braid easy hair updo

Let me know how it goes and send me any hair ideas.
I love watching hair tutorials and I get super invested in recreating my own 'dumbed' down version!

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