Friday, 9 February 2018

Happiness Breeds, Good Stories to Spread a Smile...

This week has been miserable... I came down with the FLU/STOMACH FLU.

I don't have the best health on a good day but at times like this I wallow in self-pity and would give anything to go back to my usual 'unhealthy' life.

It's really easy for me to sink into a state and cry about how unfair life is.

So, instead of self-pity... I am trying to spread something positive to pick myself up and maybe you guys too!

To be honest, I searched 'Happy stories this week' and well, they're harder to find than you may think!

The 'News' loves to share doom and gloom while skimming over the bright spots.
And this is the first in this series so I didn't think to prepare and pay attention to happy things throughout the week, but because I would like to keep this happiness coming I'll start to keep my eyes open for the 'Joy'.

And if you come across anything send it my way!
I would love to start a weekly 'Recap the Smiles' segment.

So when your face looks like this^
You can come here read, laugh & share.

Most of what I will share this week comes from Elliott!
I know he's my child and every parent is biased thinking their kids are just the funniest, smartest, cutest little things on earth... (guilty!)

but I feel like you'll get a laugh or at least a smile out of these too!

I slapped Elliott's supper down in from of him on his table and walked back into the kitchen with only seconds to spare before Noelle's cries begin (because I allegedly abandoned her) when I heard:

"Thank you for making me my supper Mom."

Super nonchalantly.
I said "what?"
(which I should not have done as it probably motivates him to ask what?? 500 times a day)
and he said "I said thanks for making my supper" in the sweetest, most content sounding voice.

Driving home from daycare I always quiz Elliott about his day.
I like to test his memory and ask who was there, what was for lunch, etc.
This day he said:

"I love my friends at Curries and they love me. 
Declin loves me."

I asked if Declin was his best friend?
he said:

"No, Baby is."

With the happiest of tones and grabbed Noelle's little hand in his.
He always calls Noelle baby or "my baby".

Driving to Mcdonalds a few days ago, I went to turn right on a red light.
Elliott loves to point out the colours of traffic lights and knows red = stop, yellow = slow, green = go.
When I turned right on red I heard him say:

"No Mom! You have a red light!" 

It was so hilarious, I had to explain sometimes you can turn on red lights.
And he says "Ooooooh." like he completely gets the rules of the road.

He loves to follow me around and while hot on my heels the other day I stopped and looked at him. He gets embarrassed and emotional sometimes so he said:

"Don't look at me."

I said why not? He said:

"I'm just following you because I love you too much, I love to be with you. I love you too much."

Later I told Nick what he said and as much as we whisper he hears everything so from behind us we heard:

"Stop doing that Dad. Stop laughing at me, I don't want you to laugh."

We try not to let him know when we are talking about him because we don't want him to be embarrassed but I swear we would have to go to another planet to get away from his prying ears.

I have been obsessed with watching SimplyNailogical lately and all things Nail Polish.

I love her crazy humour of course, that she's Canadian and most importantly how wicked smart she is.

I was half watching this video and once it hit the 11:30 mark I heard her talking about strong, smart women and how she was asked if she was going to University to get her MRS degree...

How that only pushed her harder.... (I started crying) and you would have to watch the video yourself to get a real feel for it but I was in tears.

I am a sucker for a motivational talk!

Twin sisters give birth the same day! ^ Y SO CUTE! LUCKY BABIES. 

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  1. I hope you are feeling better! You've had a bit of a rough week! Enjoy your weekend.