Friday, 26 January 2018

Made to look weathered family sign with Rust-Oleum

It shouldn't be news to you that I like my stuff a little country-modern, I like new shiny metals but I love a weathered antique.

A melting pot of old and new, bonus points if it's personalized and DIY'd!
As soon as I got my hands on these new Rust-Oleum products, I had a vision... (just call me Raven)

*This post is in partnership with Rust-Oleum

I took a little stroll through Michaels craft store and found my inspiration in the bare wood aisle, I already knew I wanted to go with our last name but I wasn't sure what the backdrop would be.

I ended up picking out larger letters because I wanted this to be something I could use as a front porch prop, I was worried that I wouldn't find a suitable backdrop (the letters are pretty large!) but I was at Michaels, you can find anything! A large hanging sign was exactly what I had wanted.

I arrived home and got to work right on the kitchen island, the Weathered Wood Accelerator (click for more info) was almost odourless and easy to work with/clean up.

I used a sponge paint brush and brushed the liquid on like a stain, thin coats to build up the colour - it was super fast drying.

While I waited between coats I started with the letters, I used this Metal Effects kit from Modern Masters and I was genuinely so curious to see how it would turn out.

I used another sponge brush and coated the letters with a copper paint, it went on very easily and already looked opaque.

That copper dried extremely fast so I did a second coat and when that had dried I applied the shiny copper paint.  

The trick next was to spray the letters with the liquid provided, while they were still wet.

I crossed my fingers and sprayed!

Immediately you could see only what I can call a 'mouldy' effect begin to form.
This was so satisfying and I couldn't take my eyes off of it!

That same night I went back and checked on everything, it dried after just a few hours so I hot glued the letters to the board... and voila!

A super simple, single day project that you can personalize or get as creative with as you please.

Nick modelling for me that very night but the best photos are below captured on our front porch.

My girlfriend came over to visit and she said that it looked even better in person than it had in Insta stories so I take that as a big win!

I love the look of it and I've already plotted my next Weathered item, I only used the smallest amount of stain so I may make some for friends/family.

Anything custom makes a really lovely gift!

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  1. I think this would be such a fantastic housewarming gift. I may even make one for myself for the heck of it!