Saturday, 30 December 2017

Happy New Year!!! Help a Bloggy out..

I am writing this from my brand new MacBook Pro!!!!

So exciting and also going to take me so freaking long to learn all the ins/outs!
oh well. trade offs. lol

Nick got me this sweet little surprise Christmas gift and he really pulled out all the stops to surprise me. First off I thought for sure we were too broke to afford such a lux gift (spoiler we are still too poor lol) and secondly, he put hand weights and kettle bells into this huge box to throw me off the scent.

I thought it was a desk from IKEA maybe...
It was so heavy I really wasn't thinking laptop.
At most I thought maybe he would splurge on the camera that I wanted.. that would've been much less expensive.. but I am NOT complaining! yayayyayayay.

Did any one try any of my breakfast recipes?!
Dang I forgot to add that to the questionnaire at the bottom.
If you did try any, let me know in one of the responses!

Mine turned out AMAZING.
So happy with them, I was tempted to make them again for the New Year.

Our power went out on Christmas Day DURING SUPPER.
For like, 2 hours...

It was pretty funny really, I had just finished cooking so that was good timing and I was charging my Beats Pill (music speaker, Nick bought me for my birthday) so it ended up being an ok night with the Christmas carols in the background while we were opening our 'Jingle ball' in the dark, it was sort of fun really.

The kids are getting SO big!
They aged about 12 months in the last 2 weeks.. 

They LOVED every minute of Christmas and it was honestly the best Christmas yet.
Elliott was so excited.

Nicks still got the 'stash!
because I like it and I've convinced him to keep it until March.. maybe.

Face Mask Friday will be back in January so stay tuned. (GOT SOME GOODIES.)

I just realized I have Amazon Prime and can watch TV there, DUH.
I LOVED Grace under fire when I was a kid! LOVED it!
Let me know also in the questionnaire if you watched it, I am so excited to watch it again.
And Roseanne because obviously need a refresh before the reboot, but did you hear how they're going to include both the Beckys???

I heard one Becky will be the surrogate baby carrier for the other Becky.
And then I hear a commenter say they "Should have made them both Marks Ex wives and they've remained friends since Mark has passed"

And I thought that would've been brilliant because the actor who played Mark sadly passed away years ago and he was such a big part of Roseanne I really hope they give him credit somewhere.

The actor was also Doyle on Angel which I also watched and loved and now I am wondering if I should have made a question  in the questionnaire about pop culture... and adding more of it to my blog/social medias... BRB

Really I've no time for grammar or ending run on sentences at this stage of the year life so don't you dare add that as a critique below! Although if you do, its anonymous sooo feel free. hehe

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