Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Feeling Fashionable with PinkBlush...

Every one of my blog groups has been brainstorming 'words' for their word of the year.
I had a word in mind but I didn't want to share it with anyone until now..


Fashion has been on my brain for quite a while now, its been showcased in a series of ups and downs on Instagram stories and its actually been a hot topic throughout my entire life.

I like to express myself by wearing the makeup/hair/clothing that I feel like wearing at any particular time. I've been every shape and style in ALL categories; think red, blonde, black, long, short, skinny, curvy, natural and over done.

I've had moments in my life where I dimmed my glow because of what others have said, you have no idea how many people have something to say about my lipstick choices. (like why???)
People can be so judge-y and not just more distant people, my family is more conservative in the beauty/fashion department and has never supported my more 'adventurous' pursuits.

I swore I would never do the same to my kids, they're free to be whoever they want to be and if they change styles, hair colours, beauty regimens on the daily - YAY.
Life is too short to be worried about what others will think and honestly I feel like anyone who has something to say about a lipstick choice is just jealous that they don't have the balls guts to wear said lipstick!

This year not only am I allowing myself to find and change my style as often as I want.
I am also letting fashion ooze into the rest of my life by saying 'Fashion a life you love'.

*This post is in partnership with PinkBlush, obviously all thoughts are my own.

I'm really going to try to find the balance this year, balance of work, family, food, money, friends, social media, etc. I don't do resolutions but I do do fresh starts, I do fresh starts a lot and January is always a great month to re-start.

Instead of doing a capsule wardrobe, I am sort of doing the opposite.
I am going to open up my entire closet and wear MORE, more, more, more.

I've done closet makeovers on the blog and you know I have more than I know what to do with, but think about what you see me in, same stuff on repeat.. isn't it? 

I feel like I live in an unintentional capsule wardrobe and it's a crying shame when I have some fabulous pieces that just hang there until they get donated.

I am going to push myself to wear different combos and make sure I add in accessories, I may be at home 99% of the time but there's still space for a little bling.

I am all about making pieces go farther, like this long flowy kimono $45 -click to preview

It CAN work for anytime of year, I am rocking it in this -10 degree weather and I am super excited to lounge around the pool in it when we travel down south this spring. 

I LOVE booties and own no less than 6 pairs but I haven't been putting them on as often as I should, mainly because laziness, I just don't bother to open the mudroom closet but not anymore!

Hats! You will see me in more hats.

I will try to share fashion inspiration on the blog as much as possible, I am hoping to make it a regular thing here and you know you will be seeing it over on insta stories!

I feel like I get encouraged to "fashion" when I see other people doing it, so even though my pieces may not be brand new, if I pull together a look and you have something similar it just might jog your memory and you'll be pulling out your hot pink blazer.
I have this hot pink blazer that I can't part with, I love it so much but never wear it. loling

So tag me in any style inspo photos of yourself or yourself wannabe photos..
After attending Atlantic Fashion week in the spring, I came home renewed and energized by the clothing and styles, I want us to feel that hyped up feeling through these dreary months.

It's going to be cold and grey here in Canada for the next little while but I am committing to getting out of my pjs more often than not!

I also have a dress from PinkBlush that I wore on New Years and it is really beautiful, its super comfortable and loose in the right places but doesn't let me completely lose my figure.

And like this kimono, the dress is available right now!
Super flattering for post baby - Preview dress SALE $53

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