Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Gift Guide: What I actually bought my Husband...

Gift guide for him, her, them...
this is for whoever!
but what I will tell you is that this is genuinely everything I bought for my own husband, so if you're name is Nick, Holly's husband, GTFO of here!

*This post contains affiliate links

Gift guides, a tad late and a dollar short am I right?!
I am right on time because I didn't want to just create an image with online photos, I wanted to physically have all this stuff in my possession and say:

So let's do this!
(Elliott always says that so I say it in his voice in my head "Let's do dis!" clenching fist)

I am trying something a tad new.
I am actually trying.

Up until this point I've really relied on my humour and a prayer to get people to read the blog.
I wanted to form a genuine connection to my readers and not push picture perfect posts..
which may get you a ton of clicks but (in my opinion) get repetitive.
Plus I couldn't be that person if I tried, I am too messy. (and ramble-y)

SO, here I am with some gift guide graphics and I'm questioning who I even am right now LOL
but being a 'share what I like, not what I know' blogger doesn't mean I can't be a bit fancy or professional (if you will) from time to time.

In full disclosure there may be some affiliate links coming to the blog now and then, I think its only fair that you allow that and I'll allow myself the freedom to still spew messy posts and my non grammar everywhere. (someone has GOT to fund Face Mask Friday people...)

Without further ado, I bought all of these items for Nicky Bear (long story) & they will be wrapped under my tree hopefully by December 24th...

1.Storm Bottle  (not exact one I purchased but closest I could find)
2.Pop Sockets  (this is where I got the one for my phone but if you search you can find cheaper!)
3.Transformers Shirt Batman Shirt
4. Transformers Shirt
5. Holiday Shirt (ironman)
6. Boxer Briefs!
7. Captain America Shirt
8. Sunglasses (on sale!)

Nicks Birthday is super close to Christmas so my first thought every year is 'ugh'.
Its really hard buying for him and then all of a sudden its back to back.

We are planning a trip down south in the spring so I went with a pair of sunglasses but trust me, it's not easy buying glasses for someone else - get a gift receipt.

Walmart has SO. MANY. graphic t's!!!!
I tried to link some, I couldn't find them all online but I promise in store they will have so many you won't know which ones to pick. (that's what happened to me anyway, just when you've picked a batman shirt you see it in another fabric and are like "da fug"?!)

Its super easy to get matching family outfits!
Scratch that.. coordinating!

which is even better and I completely forgot to look for myself and Noelle while there, so I need to see if they have ladies Captain America.. or I can purchase a men's and wear as is, or slice and dice a little rough edge like my 'ol pub crawl days.


A storm bottle predicts the weather..
have you heard of these?
No, me either.
google them!

It just randomly popped up on my radar and I was like yup Nick would like that.
interesting, weird, planet earth nature-y.
and cheap, lol.


People still ask me what's on the back of my phone.

They are the perfect stocking stuffer, they help your phone stand up and take strain off of your pinky finger.

Boxers and socks.
End of story.


  1. Now I want a weather thingie for my husband...

  2. He must have been a very happy man. :) Thanks for sharing.

    As makers of personalized gifts, we always appreciate when thought and effort is invested in finding and collecting unique gifts for someone special.


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