Sunday, 24 December 2017

Big Christmas Breakfast, done easy...

Fingers crossed!
because the last thing you need Christmas morning is to be stuck in the kitchen right?!?

This year I will be upping my toast game and going ALL in!
I'm so sorry this is a last minute second post but...
that's who I am! lol

Here goes:

Elliott's wonderful babysitter wrote these out so perfectly for me I don't even feel like I need to retype. The first two recipes are from her and I am so excited to try them!

Monkey bread is something I've always wanted to make but never trusted my cooking skills enough to do but with her encouragement/being a text away, I feel like I can do it.



The third recipe I have tried myself and its EASY PEASE, so that was a no brainer.
Since we're feeding potentially up to 10 people having an extra overnight dish is perfect.

This cinnamon roll breakfast dish is from The Hungry Homemaker Fran, and she has TONS of easy recipes. I normally make some of her Christmas cookies and dang it, I forgot this year.. so I may whip these (click) up today because I bought an ugly Christmas sweater shaped cookie cutter at Michael's craft store last week, its super cute and has great real-estate space for decorating.

(OOOOOHhhh these ones, I normally make these ones, CLICK)

And here is the overnight cinnamon roll french toast -Clicky

Okie doke, that's it!
Follow my stories for behind the scenes holiday cheer and I will see you in 2018!

Thank you all for 2017, this last quarter has been my fastest growing blog quarter to date and I am so thankful for the support.

Enjoy your holidays and message me if these recipes need clarifying, I will text Carrie for help. LOL

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