Monday, 4 December 2017

Toofaced Melted Chocolate Lipstick Dupe...

'twas the night before gift guides...
and all through the house, Holly Housewife was stressing..
because there's just NOT enough hours in the day.
end of story.

Seriously, I just read a blog post from 2014 and I said this exact same thing..
One day you're chilling right after Halloween and the next you're starring Christmas eve down, sweating bullets trying to pull everything together.

Thankfully I have a ton of my shopping done but I am getting to the point of over shopping because I'm so unorganized.

Alas, gift guides are coming to the blog to showcase what my family and friends will be getting this year, so stay tuned!

I've been having so much fun playing with makeup on Instagram stories lately.
I am no expert but I do love beauty, especially lipstick so I was at Walmart last week and picked up a newbie thinking it was the first of its colour to be added to my collection.


^ January 2016                           ^ December 2017
(off topic but ugh what to do with my hair?!?! Whenever I see short, I want short, when I see long, I want long! Letting my brows grow in is working though! YAY)

Of course once I swatched the lipstick at home my memory was triggered and surprise! I own a shade so, so close I would go ahead and call it a dupe.

The top colour is 'Temptress' Wet ever by Hard Candy (click) approx.$7 Walmart

The Bottom is 'Chocolate Cherries' Melted liquid lipstick Too Faced (click) $25 Sephora

Sadly Chocolate cherries was a limited edition shade so I can't link to that exact colour however, I feel like that's an even better reason to share an affordable dupe!

I divided my pout and did a lipstick on each side, I don't think anyone would question a thing.
The shade match is near identical!

Just wearing the less expensive Hard Candy ^

Hard Candy vs TooFaced

Final thoughts, the Toofaced is a tad more matte and solid in appearance but the Hard Candy claims to be a gloss hybrid so I'm not surprised it looks, feels and has a tiny bit of glossy patchiness.

Overall if you're in the market for that chocolate cherries shade, at a drug store pricetag, and convenience of Walmart shopping - totally worth it!

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