Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Christmas Eve traditions: The Jingle Ball..

I received so many great name suggestions for this one! 

I asked Instagram for ideas that incorporated ‘Holly’, some examples: 

- Holly Ball
- Holly Bow 
- Holly Jolly Bally 
- Hollyday Ball 
- The Holly Berry 

Honestly this could go on but I still can’t decide so
my original ‘Jingle Ball’ name will stick until I decide! 

I just discovered this game and was shocked at the volume of messages I received from followers saying they play it every year! Where have I been?! 

I love a good family game night, bonus points for holiday traditions! Welcome, the jingle ball. 

You’ll need a bunch of small-ish sized prizes. 
You can customize them to your family or group.

Toys = kids
Makeup = beauty bloggers 
Mini liquor bottles = me (jk, but this just came to me and that could be super funny for an adult party) 

You dedicate a ‘grand prize’ for the centre. 
In this case I used a $5 Tim Hortons card and the remainder of the gifts I picked up on sale at Michaels craft store. 

It’s not an easy feat to find a mix of gifts that mom thru dad would like, but I feel like I grabbed a good mix. 

This is where costco sized plastic wrap will come in handy!

You start by scrunching a good sized piece of plastic wrap into a ball, place the tims card (or grand prize) next to the ball and wrap both with another piece of plastic wrap. 

Continue adding small gifts in between layers of plastic wrap until the ball starts getting huge and the gifts start dwindling. 

I did add some ‘fake out’ layers where no prizes were included and I varied the length of the plastic wrap so some layers will take a lot longer to remove. 

Once done your jingle ball should look something like this ^ 

As far as the game goes, I’ve heard lots of variations. 

You will need a set of dice at minimum. 

The basic outline said: 

One person starts unwrapping layers while the next person in line rolls the dice as fast as they can. 

Once the dice roller gets doubles (any doubles) they get to start unwrapping layers and the next in line starts rolling for their doubles. 

Any prizes you completely unravel during your turn you get to keep. 

Oven mitts though... 
yep we will be unwrapping layers while wearing oven mitts!! 

This is where it’s up to you to make the rules.. 
but oven mitts sound like the best most hysterical addition to me. 

Oven mitts with rubber dots to slow you down even more, were also a suggestion. 

Oven mitts and a Santa hat, during your turn you have to spend time getting on the hat and mitts = pressure rising! 

Starting youngest to oldest in order of turns could be an easy way to start. 

This could also be played with a gift in multiple layers of wrapping paper or you could add in some scotch tape, packing tape of sorts on some layers to make things extra fun. 

I can’t wait to play this on Christmas Eve, stay tuned to my Insta stories for behind the scenes and let me know if there’s any other ways to play! 

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