Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Where I've been this week..


We went to Cape Breton last week to visit my family and it was wonderful..
Our trips are always crazy and jam packed so you sort of need a vacation away from the vacation once you get back but unfortunately Nick was straight back to work the morning after we got home.

And on top of it he was working an extra shift that left me solo-ing it again for the week.. 30 mins into the first day and all the calm, collected patience I had saved up over the weekend was GONE. lol
but we powered through and I decided to start the LONG, LONG, overdue whole house haul.

You guys know I am a hoarder.
Up until now I've been able to keep my hoarding ways pretty organized and I actually felt proud of the hoard. I literally own everything you could ever need on the planet, I felt like the Martha Stewart of hoards. I could make a craft or DIY on scene at any given moment.

but the last year or so I could feel the control slipping out from under me, my hoard was no longer useful, it was actually becoming stressful.

I didn't have time to organize, things kept coming in the house with NOTHING going out.
Elliott's toy collection was replacing space for my collections and I was starting to lose it a bit.
I would feel so stressed and anxious about opening a closet LOL

Cue that scene when Chandler breaks into Monica's secret junk closet.

So this week, solo-ing and all, I decided to start the purge.
I mean a REAL purge!
Maybe because the kids are growing and bringing a whole new level of clutter into the house, I am feeling myself start to disconnect from my own clutter and realize I don't need to keep everything.

I pretty much took on my grandmothers entire house when she passed and although I love having so much of her stuff, I'm feeling pretty confident with my choice to finally toss her pyjama collection. LOL
(5 years later, yes I have issues. I always think I can quilt or craft or DIY something with everything but I'm officially out of time and its not happening. So, bye Felicia!)

Any way, I started with my own closet and you'll see the progress below but I hadn't planned on blogging this so let me warn you, the before shot is actually half cleaned already.
So just keep that imagine in mind.. it was seriously, seriously dire.

also, No. Nick and I do not share a closet.
He has his own hoarding issues and I can't even get into that right now. lol-ing.






I picked up the white coat rack from Walmart $40

and the dress rack I've had for a million years..
but you can get them at Walmart for as cheap as $11 up to $100.

I would probably suggest something like this $30 one that looks really similar to mine and like I said, lasts forever.

Next I moved onto the porch closet that was just getting insane...


You would not believe how much came out of that one little space.
I tell people to stop buying me scarves, I could tie them all together and loop the earth at least once over, I swear. so I tossed at least 25 of them.

Also picked up those drawer hanging organizers from you guessed it, Walmart.

Trying to power clean with Elliott, Noelle and Marley at my ankles was intense.


I found all my Toms, I LOVE toms! so comfy.

but they have seen better days so I checked with FB and they said WASH EM!

I tossed them directly into the washing machine and they came out looking like new! See below.

^ this photo doesn't even make them look as shabby as they were!
I put them in mesh bags see here, Walmart. I love mesh laundry bags, I use them for everything!

I then dried them on the deck and honestly, like new!



So that's where I am at with the purge.

This is actually my donation pile after just those two areas.... ^^^

Next on the list is:

-kitchen cabinets/pantry
-linen closets
-kids rooms
-toy room
-basement (ummm. the basement. I will share that later this week and I swear it will give you all anxiety just looking at it. It basically needs its own zip code for crap. I mean nice crap. but crap.)

wish me luck, keep you posted!


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