Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Anniversary gifting with Jord Watches..

Anniversary dates in our house look very, very different these days.

As all my heels get packed up and thrown into the yard sale bin.. Yup, yard sale this weekend!
I find myself missing a bit of the glitz and glam that those early relationship years held.

When you've been together for as long as Nick and I (11 years), it starts to get really difficult to surprise one another OR even just give an actual gift, something other than the I.O.U or lets do dinner verbal promise.

That's why this anniversary, our wedding anniversary.. 4 years since we said "I do".
I really committed to finding Nick something that would make him feel a bit more special and appreciated... I mean he still manages to get me great gifts but that's because I rhyme off things I want on the daily.

New silverware..
New dishes..
New lipstick...
New makeup brushes..
I saw this top I really love at the mall (exact size plus location sent in text)

I am a never ending 'want-er'..
but what do you get for the guy who says "I have everything, I just want to spend time with you".


Yeah, right!
no, awwww.
I need an answer for what he wants!
It's so difficult.


However, this year I honestly think I nailed it.



Nick is a simple guy, he doesn't stray much in the fashion department but he does always wear a watch and his wedding band.

He's actually had the same watch since high school (I told you.. simple guy), and although its a nice watch I thought something a little newer, and trendier would be nice.

I've seen the wooden watches by Jord floating around Instagram and I've been pretty obsessed with them for myself.

Once I started looking in the men's category I was totally confused (too many options!), so I ended up asking Nick if he had a pick what would be a couple of his top choices?
(questions like this are not unusual for me to ask, because of the blog I am always talking about products and he is none the wiser to what I'm actually ordering and what I'm just IG creeping.)

Surprisingly (or maybe not..) we picked the complete opposite.
I had picked out the classic, sleek, very plain styled watch and practically had it checked out in my shopping cart before I looked at the choices he sent and then I had to start all over again!

I was leaning towards something like this..
while he's checking out all the bells and whistles with something like this..

(Just a little back story, I should have known this was going to happen because when Nick picked out my engagement ring.. he wanted to pick it out himself and have it be a total surprise. When he did propose I was caught a little off guard by the ring.. it was just SO Nicks style. My style is the polar opposite.. but trust me I LOVE my ring, this isn't a sad story lol. I think I love it even a little bit more because it's so Nicks style, it reminds me of him daily. But I do remember thinking "I may not have picked this one", it was just a really quick thought and then it passed. lol)

So in the end I settled on the Kosso and Midnight Blue because it seemed the perfect mix of masculine, sporty with just a touch of (my) stylish flare in the coloured face.

He was surprised and really excited when I actually had a gift box for him to open (and the presents don't stop here so stay tuned..;)) he loved the watch and I honestly had to yank it off of his arm so I could take some nice photos before it permanently takes up residence on his wrist.

In the spirit of giving, Jord is gifting one lucky reader a $100 credit to shop!
*and everyone who enters will get a $25 credit at contest closing!
To Enter:
The giveaway will close September 10, 2017  at 11:59pm. Both the $100 and the $25 codes will expire on November 26, 2017
This year just happened to be our 4th anniversary and I have zero patience, so when I come up with an idea I use it immediately...
but the thought is not lost on me that the 5 year anniversary gift is 'wood'.. 
how adorable would you be if you gifted a wooden watch for your 5 year anniversary!
It's the perfect gift for anyone, sentimental yet practical!
I really need to start paying attention to what the 'gift of the year' is so I can stay on track..
Since next year it will be wood, should I hint to Nick to get me a watch?? probably will. 

Luxury Wooden Watch

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