Saturday, 19 August 2017

What to buy at Sephora right now, literally RIGHT NOW, don't wait!

Okie doke.
been trying to get this post up for 3 days and have failed miserably.
then this afternoon Nick convinced me to make a 'brief' stop at Costco..


It's a cold, rainy Saturday in Nova Scotia.
ain't nothing about Costco was brief today.

but anyway, we survived and I just googled PST time zones, you have approx. 8 more hours to make an order at Sephora to receive 2,3 or 4X the points!

This event might not appeal to you at all but I just find Sephora so stingy with the events/perks, when they do host something that gives me extra.. I totally fall for it and splurge.

I had known this point bonus was coming and there were a few basic things that I needed to pick up so I held off and did a mini haul a few days ago.

The one really positive thing I can say for Sephora is that they're always really, really prompt to ship and even during high ordering events like this, I will usually receive my package within a couple of days.

See below for my haul!



I needed some new brushes, I feel like I always need brushes but its very hard to find a set of ones I would actually use. (normally its 2 good brushes and 6, I'll rarely reach for those tiny eyeshadow or the like..)

My favorite brushes to date are the Sonia Kashuk which are available at Target and I just realized Target does ship to Canada now... so I may keep that in mind and stock up sometime in the future.

Another fav is the Real Techniques which you can pick up locally at Lawton's Drug mart.

I love both these brands so much and I use them daily until they die on me, luckily both brands are great quality and they will last you forever!

but I came across this, 'Ready to Roll' Sephora brand brush set and I thought it was a really great variety pack for the price. ($88)


It would be the perfect travel mate as it seems to have a brush for every, every day use.
(in fact, we are travelling soon and maybe I should put my money where my mouth is and only take these brushes.. maybe. I will seriously ponder it.)

Next I picked up this overnight hair sleeping mask.

mainly because I've never tried an overnight hair mask and I'm completely intrigued!
(haven't tested yet)

This foot mask which I tried yesterday and REALLY loved.
being on my feet so much at work the last 10 years has really taken a toll and unless I get a weekly pedi my feet are just in a sad state. dry. cracked.
Elliott always asks me if they have boo, boo's LOL

I was questioning how much the foot mask would help but it exceeded my expectations.
My feet felt like they had just been to a salon and got a mini moisture massage.
I will 100% repurchase these for myself and I will probably gift them to anyone and everyone.. because who doesn't want a mini foot makeover. ???


These masks, they got me with the 'NEW'.
I love that they have a replacement cap and I can get at least 4 uses out of them.
(haven't tried)


I had been talking about getting a daily brush cleaner for a while, if you're not committed to cleaning your brushes on the regular please pick one of these up.

I just read an article about a women who got a nasty face infection from not cleaning her brushes, whether its true or not, I don't know... but the germ-o-phobe in me wants you to pick up a cleaner. lol

like this one.

finally the nail polish...ugh the nail polish.
I own approx. 8000 of them but I keep coming back for more!

I really do like Nail Inc. polish, I find it to be good quality and I really wanted that peach shade!
I already did a test run with the purple, see photo below.

I do appreciate Sephora's deluxe samples and they had some good point perks available so I picked a variety, see above ^

I've learned to steer clear of scent samples or small face product samples, normally they won't get used by me and I end up donating.

BUT samples (like above) that are mini mascara, brow gel, or larger sized face wash (see ole above) really come in handy for travelling or if you run out of your large mascara tube, having a decent sized mini on hand saves you at least a week or two (3) between re-purchasing.


SO that's my last minute (last second) what I got during the bonus point event.

What I also wanted to mention was that IT cosmetics has JUST launched at Sephora Canada.
I mean, JUST.

They arrived yesterday and I very promptly (like 2am last night hahaha) asked my Canadian beauty blogger ladies what I should get, because I just had to get at least one little thing since there's the added bonus point incentive.

They said (actually they said pretty much everything.. but) Bye Bye undereye concealer, CC cream, or brow pencils.

I went with the Bye bye under eye concealer and will keep you posted!

So go browse and if you're looking to splurge go for the IT cosmetics, but if you're looking to save and still deserve a little pick me up, go for a foot mask!

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