Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Hello blog and hello fresh..

Hellooooooo.. (Mrs. Doubtfire cake face)
Its been a minute but I have been thinking of you all every. single. day.
Look, I love Noelle, like love, love, love.
She is adorable, cuddly and so precious I can't even project the lovey feeling into words..
but she's also needy, needy, needy.

I can't really explain that very well either since she only seems to be said needy when its just her and I.
I swear to you when Nick is home she will sleep or coo quietly in her swing, but when I am around.. especially just her and I, oh helllllll no, totally different story!

They say that the baby can smell its mother, I don't know if that means all mothers or more so breastfeeding mothers because lets face it, you're the meal ticket... but I 110% believe it!
She is ALWAYS needing me and its seriously cramping my blog style.

I am desperate to get these fingers keyboard clicking.
It really helps me to feel happy and light, I get to rant and rave about whatever I want, the stuff that I know Nick starts to tune out.

but I've been so busy with Noelle during the day..
*I'm not really going to mention Elliott because he goes to daycare 2 days a week.. but remind me to dedicate a post on 'how your oldest/only child will adapt to getting a sibling..' another day.

so blogging has hit a lull.. and another thing that's hit a lull, FOOD.

y'all know I am not a chef but I can follow a recipe.
and if I have the ingredients on hand, I really, really enjoy cooking.

The hardest is organizing the ingredients.. I recently considered making a large wall chart of all the meals we have on a regular basis, writing down the title, ingredient list, and keeping it on display in the pantry.

because Nick does a lot of the grocery shopping, we have a hard time coordinating meals... he shops but I cook.. so its a bunch of random things in the fridge and very rarely do we line up on 'what to eat'.. its always "what's available?? oh a cheese string and 87 frozen chicken wings.. greaaaaat"

that's where Hello Fresh comes in... 

and seriously how do you guys organize your nightly meals??? like how?!! I need help.

I've heard of meal subscription boxes for quite some time now but I wasn't sure what was available in Canada or if it would be out of my league?

so when HF wanted to send me a box I knew I had nothing to lose and was really excited to test it out!
there could not be a better time than now considering how crazy life is (3 year old and 7 week old)also I am really concerned with getting some proper nutrition into me since I'm (yes, still,YAY.) breastfeeding.

I did not want to recommend subscribing to the box until I fully tested and read all the info behind it.. but after trying out the meals and reading through all the 'rules'. I will very genuinely tell you that I think we will be signing up for the regular boxes.

there are quite a few plans available see meal plans, and I would probably go with the pronto option myself.. I found the servings were quite large, we always had leftovers + Elliott's not a huge eater right now so upgrading to the family (4 person) plan would be way too much.

They send a box straight to your door step every week, it legitimately took no time to arrive and is packed in a cooler.
3 meals were included, very straight forward instructions, as well as photos and time lines etc.

and I have to add that Nick is a skeptic to pretty much everything in life, especially all my 'crazy' blog ideas but he was won over by the finallllllly eating something with vegetable that didn't come from a pizza box. We actually made the final meal together tonight after he got off work, it was really nice to open the box and follow the steps without stressing about being 'out' of something.

that ALWAYS happens to me, I start baking and literally have one drop of milk left so I consider supplementing with my breastmilk or stretching things out with water. Its a horrible skill of mine to not check anything before I start it.

One of my favorite things about the whole thing was that I gained new ideas to add to the regular supper list.

I don't have to purchase a subscription to enjoy those meals again.. they don't hide anything from you. The entire ingredient list is there so I can purchase and make the meals on my own.

but it is much nicer to have the proper amounts and items delivered straight to your door step..
I mean for those of us who are less than salt bae status.. it's really helpful to just open the box and start cooking. lol

and surprisingly Elliott was super into all the meals!^^^^
he didn't eat everything from every meal but he was happy to see the new foods and ate waaaaaay more of that ^ coleslaw than I ever thought he would, so it was good to get him out of his comfort zone.

I'm not sure I've ever gotten this deep into the food zone with you guys on the blog!

like I said to my Instagram followers, I hate to admit it.. I really, really hate to admit it but I want to warn you.. I think I am becoming more of a mommy/family blogger.

I know! I don't want to!!!
I want to stay young and pretty and lipstick'd...
but its just this stage of life and I really hope you guys will stick by me through it.
I have followed tons of bloggers who started out with beauty content but then they became wives/mothers and I  sort of fell even more in love with their stories because there was a deeper connection with the personal life and baby pics.

which brings me to a question..
do you guys want to see more kids stuff?
photos, (boring) stories.. (jk not boring per se.. but things that I view as the 'everyday' or normal kid living/training stuff. I could definitely share all of that, I just always think people are going to be bored with seeing my kids again.. even though some of the most popular bloggers only share their kids so I think kids can totally sell it!)
sooo, just let me know what you think!

And in case you wanted to test out the Hello Fresh box, I have a coupon code!
you know me, go discount or go home!

Use discount Code:
to receive $40 off your first 2 boxes
*this is not an affiliate link that benefits me in anyway, its just a way to test 'er out if you're interested!

soooo Noelle is just like 'yassss girl check out that discount!' wide eyed.

and then she's just like 'mom, I'm really hungry and all we have in the fridge is an old block of cheese so you better reorder at least a couple of weeks worth!' ^^^

check back with me tomorrow because I really want to share Noelle's first month photos and struggles.

then check back again by the end of week for my weight update.. ugh I am dreading showing these photos but I also want to normalize the post partum body.. I am SUPER upset with the mommy 'bounce back' phenomenon that's been shoved down our throats... ok, ok, I'll save it for Friday!

Byyyyyyyyyye! xo 

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  1. I started HelloFresh in January this year and have loved evry single meal that has been sent! We get the family box four 4 adults and also have left overs! We LOVE HelloFresh, glad to see another convert ☺