Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Let's talk about mom face..

If there's one thing that I love unconditionally in this world it's my son LIP STICK!
(and my son but that's a given)

Sooooo many lipsticks, I just can't stay away.
They're all so different.
(if you said that to my husband he wouldn't agree but we know its true)

blue red, red red, orange red, why is it so hard to find T-Swift red??!?!
if you need help with that one my friend Megan Joy can help ;)

One of the tougher seasons of my lipstick life is happening right now.
When you like to kiss as much as we do...
See kissing >

Lip stick can be a heavy burden to wear bear.
So my new go to is the liquid lipstick.

There are many brands that do it GOOOOOOOD.
I couldn't possibly pick a favorite
nor could I show my entire collection
but I did grab this handful of my probably most worn
they were all either in my purse or work smock so you know they get repetitive use.

first 4 shown, left
Curse her for making such great makeup!
the worst thing I can say is that her stuff is always sold out on because its so good
it applies like a dream
a little mousse like, soft and creamy
stays in place for a long time, yet removes with a swipe of bioderma

I use to hate now I LOVE.
this is the trick with these..
unless you are a nude lipstick lover, go darker
go for the darker shade 100%
because you can build these up
I will just put a dab in the middle of my bottom lip and use my finger to blend it in on days that I'm not feeling a full lipstick feel.
the reason I didn't like them at first was because I bought a too light shade and it washed me out.
It looked good in swatches but on my lips, no no
staying power, perfection

last 4, right
this is such a BAB lip stain
I made the mistake once of removing it before bed, using my bioderma
but I was too tired to look in the mirror or wash my face afterwards
normally my bioderma gets everything and there's no need to look in the mirror
I woke up in the morning and Nick was like "wtf is all over your face???"
I had "removed" the lipstick alright
and smudged red residue ALL over my face
it was like a horror movie
I was laughing so much I cried, I could've straight up been an extra in any Wes Craven film
I still kick myself for not being smart enough to take a photo
so, lasting power UNBELIEVABLE
do not rush the application process
that lip stain will be with you for 72 hours hahah

to snuggle

and kisses

and that colour ain't going anywhere

the perfect mom lipstick

are you a liquid lipstick fan???

Yes, they sometimes can give you the dry Kardashian pout
but I think we would both be lying if we said we didn't want that on occasion

I mean, Kylie's lip kit
sold out in about 2 seconds flat
I will probably never get my hands on one :((((

* I had to scroll for like 25 mins just to find one work appropriate Khloe GIF ahahha
They were all hilarious but had foul language that may offend some viewers
we try to keep it G rated around here ;)



  1. Haha those GIF's are amazing. I can't believe I'm a beauty blogger and I still haven't tried the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks. I wish they weren't so often sold out! And I totally agree about the Melted liquid lipsticks, they do tend to be on the lighter side. I got a "nude" shade and I found it way to light for me.

  2. kat von D love! need to try sephora brand. all those shades look great on you holly