Tuesday, 9 February 2016

How to combat Rosacea..

I've always been fair skinned, no tanning for me! burn burn burn burnnnnn
I've also had trouble with redness,
I blush easily.
honestly over nothing, my face can light up like Rudolph's nose
super annoying when you're in middle school..

Its taken a long time but I've finally set myself up with a basic routine that I use every day to cover my Rosacea. My skin is not terribly out of control right now (is that due to the routine ?? or just coincidence...) but you can tell the difference when I'm makeup free vs even a bit of powder.

Certain things would cause flare ups for me, like when I worked outdoors.. I loved working outside but it wasn't ideal for my skin! I am a HUGE backer of sun screen but that can be irritating to Rosacea prone cheeks, and to counter that the sun itself can be irritating so it was pretty much a no win situation.

to get on with it..
I will show you how I look in the morning!
100% naked face and pjs.

you can see a bit of redness in the cheeks and chin
I have a lot of uneven patches and a few darker red spots

^ this is my daily skin fix line up

STEP 1: wake up, wash face with warm to mildly hot face cloth
(I like hot because it really clears my pores, like really, it feels so good)
(I wash my face with a hot cloth in the morning and night, don't mess with a good thing)

STEP 2: first thing I apply is this Bioderma Anti Redness cream
I picked this up at Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada), just on a random whim
I'm always on the hunt for redness care and the price was pricey but not outrageous. Its now been in rotation for 3 months (the same little bottle, it does last a long time!) and I will be repurchasing.

I'm not sure its removed my redness as much as it promises but it has not irritated my skin at all and makes for a great moisturizer/ makeup base/primer.

*Cannot find the price online, check with your local carrier

STEP 3: put on the green!
It's green primer and it cancels out the red, need I say more?!
Add to cheeks, chin and nose area
again a little goes a long way, I've been using this for over a year and maybe had to repurchase once (I can't even remember)

Sephora Ca $43.00

Step 4: apply foundation
I love experimenting with foundations but honestly I keep going back to mac!
I just love it, its buildable, long lasting, great colour match
I don't know why I bother trying to find something new, mac is where its at

AND biggest tip of the day

Apply your foundation with a brush.

I just started this religiously a few months ago and its changed my life face
I was always a fan of finger application, quick, easy to blend
I tried beauty blenders for a while, but they just seem time consuming. the finish is lovely but all that wetting and washing and they always seemed to be far away from where I was doing my makeup.

Then I started with the brush
I use a Real Techniques Buffing brush
It is soooo quick to apply!
I use less product!
(honestly I always pour a dab of foundation on the back of my hand to dip the brush, half way through I'm like damn I poured to much hahah)
and its virtually mess free!

I have a bucket (with a handle, easy to move room to room) of brushes I keep near my makeup bag.
I use the same brushes daily (buffing, blush, eye shadow)
and I wash all the brushes every few days
easy peasy!

And no extra hand germs getting spread around your skin
Its really helped with break outs.

*I'd like to do a video of my redness skin care, I just have no storage on any devices because I take so many photos! someday I will be back YOUTUBE!

below, daily face photos


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