Saturday, 6 February 2016

Saturday Vibes: Splash'N Boots

Every once and a while an unexpected person walks into your life and you know things will never be the same.

Every once and a while that person is, well, two people.

That's how I feel about Splash'N Boots .
I don't really remember where or how we met but now they're a constant in my life and I'm good with that scenario.

Wayyyyyy back in June I had heard that S'NB were headed to play in Grand Falls-Windsor, Elliott was still under a year but their ticket prices were affordable so I figured even if we only stayed for a couple of songs it would be worth it.
Turns out it was worth it and worth much more!
They put on an amazing show.

^ Elliott was rockin'

We stayed from start to finish and left with that concert high feeling.
Not always the case when your Aerosmith concert days have turned into toddler jams...

I think what makes Splash'N Boots different is that although they're a kiddy band, their music has more of a kitchen party feel. Maybe that's just the Caper/Newfie in me but I really found myself enjoying the show.

^ JUNE 2015 Grand Falls-Windsor

^ JUNE 2015

^ Yeahhh we got a T! JUNE 2015

^ JUNE 2015

SO, that brings us to today.

When we heard S'NB would be making an appearance at Exhibition Park Halifax we were like, yes.

The line up was RLLLLLLLLLY long to meet them.
I waited for about an hour. *Not S'NB's fault, just a massive crowd
But it was worth it.

They were so warm and welcoming
I felt like Elli and I were the only people in the room when we made it to the front of the line.
Plus these two were suppose to have a break and come back later for another appearance but they powered through and stayed to see all the kids. (what I can only assume was all day, because that line up!)
And now see me fan girl to the billionth degree below..
I can't help it.

^ Elli was acting shy

^ me in love...

^ so cute!
And they actually remembered GFW
or lied about how nice the venue was..
but I believe them because it is a super nice venue hahah

I just love them.
I just do.
Even if I cant figure out who is the Splash and who is Boots   ??!?!
Whatttt? who is who?? formerly ?? I'm lost.
Let's just say they're one.

If they head to a city near you I would snatch up the opportunity to see them live!

* OOOOOOOOHHHH fun fact!
In JUNE 2015 I was wearing Maybelline Mattes lipstick in Mesmerizing Magenta and in current day I am wearing Maybelling Mattes Craving Coral.
I love those mattes!!


  1. Splash is the guy. Boots is the girl. Also they shared your blog on their facebook page.

  2. Splash is the guy. Boots is the girl. Also they shared your blog on their facebook page.