Wednesday, 27 January 2016


A new week, a fresh update!
If you read last weeks #MWWconfessions
then you will know I've been pigging out.

Today I thought I would give a quick look into my weight struggle past..

I will try not to get too deep with this post
its more of a up lifting update since I'm 5 pounds down (give or take, god I drink 10 pounds in water a day so the scale is not a reliable source. as we all know)

that 5 pounds comes from just flat out better decisions
Chinese food

yesterday I made a at home spinach salad and added walnuts, pine nuts, almonds - it was delish!

the exercise side is where I've been slipping, I was doing yoga + a mini workout on the daily
and I let that get away from me, so tomorrow we are reuniting!

Now, for the people who maybe don't know me in "real life" or are new to the blog I thought I would share some photos
- photos which I had hoped would never resurface.. 

actually I was looking for a specific photo and I couldn't find it.
you know that weight photo
the ones they show as the before pic on all the diet commercials.
yes it was an unflattering angle
yeah it was a unflattering dress
it was also the heaviest I had ever been
and that photo is burned into my brain as the moment I said "Oh hell naw"

so I'm half happy I couldn't find it and half annoyed because it would make for great motivation.

anywhoo below are some photos of me around my ever heaviest
and of me, not as my thinnest but at what I feel is my healthiest.
I felt in such great shape around the time of my wedding, I was walking everyday and working out consistently.

I think it goes without saying
but the number on the scale is never what I'm after.
I won't lie it helps to see it move, especially near the beginning of your journey
but you know when you feel out of shape.
I know when I do anyway and it feels horrible.
no energy, no motivation, just blah.

everyone is so uniquely different so don't let yourself get confused/pressured/kardashian'd into thinking you need to look a certain way.

do it for you
and do it until your body tells you "we're perfect"

Around the time of my heaviest weight.
I felt bad, I was stressed, I wasn't happy.

and my eyebrows are thin! ughhh the horror

2011 ^
let the stress in life go
eating well
daily walks and my mini attempt at becoming a "I LOVE TO RUN" person.
(NEVER gonna happen hahaha)

2013 ^

It easy to hide behind clothes and shy away from photos but you cant hide it from yourself.
there is approximately a 40 pound difference in these photos.
40 pounds on a barely over 5 foot frame is a lot.

Since 2013 I've been staying in between those 40 pounds.
I look alright in clothes but I would really like to have some of that energy back from 2013!
a consistent work out routine is the only explanation (well that and being child free.. )
so looks like the work outs are a must!






Andddddd dun dun da dunnnnn
last year (9 months after baby)
we went down south and I sported a bikini 7 days a week without hesitation.
I wouldn't even do that in high school
why are we so insecure in high school?? life will never be that easy again!
Stop being hard on your selves high schoolers! ha

what's been your biggest weight struggle?
can you relate to the ups and downs?
let me know!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



  1. You are so beautiful! I feel you with the up and down weight. And running? UGH. The worst! These boobs are not made for running! HAHA

  2. Loved this. I think almost all of us have had ups and downs with our weight (and if someone hasn't I don't want to be their friend, lol, jk).