Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Snow snow go away I want to wear my new suede coat today..

Why can't life be easy.. ?
Like all I want is to be in the beauty and fashion industry.
(preferably a personal shopper, who is given an unlimited expense account and all the clothes I buy I get to keep for myself.. sigh.)
Never mind the fact that I have no training or back round.
I LOVE style! that should be enough haha
Life is so hard.

So anywhoo,
I ended up at Mic Mac Mall again yesterday
mainly because I forgot to pick up my Anastasia brow wiz
but mostly because I knew H&M was currently unpacking new stock and I needed another peek.

We had so much fun, strolling the halls and hiding our shopping bags from daddy.
after ward we also hit up Costco!
see the photo timeline below :)

^ Take a photo under the heart arch at Mic Mac, share to social media and you're entered to win a $500 shopping spree! Check out Mic Mac Mall or 101.3 the bounce for more info.

omg these make up bags from Sephora kill me
they honestly kill me
I want them so badly but I just can't do $33 right now
(tell me if they go on sale!)

whenever they write my name I feel so special
someday maybe someone will add "Housewife" after Holly hahaha

the biggie..

I sometimes walk into a clothing store, see something, and my heart races.
like races.
"IF they don't have my size I will die."
I saw this "suede" jacket (its polyester but its still so fine, don't judge)
and I. HAD. TO. HAVE. IT.

I am so freaking into '70s fashion.
Why cant we all just go back and look like this..

                                                      ^ Minus the smoking of course

It was well beyond my intended budget but I had to. $69.99
I could already see me wearing it
It would've haunted me

Next stop..


^ These sheet sets come in and out of availability
and trust me
you need them.

They're such good quality for a tiny price tag.
and they come with 4 pillow cases
we are ALWAYS in need of pillow cases
blame my husbands oily skin

^ He is in shock over those prices!

^ Girl, buy all the sheets

^ this chair!
so cute $99
superstore also has adorable accent chairs lately, but they're $199

we made one fatal mistake.
we went to Costco at 7pm
there was not a sample cart in sight!
the line ups were a breeze but without samples did we even go to Costco??!

A granola bar from the bottom of Mommy's purse is not exactly ideal, but check out that pinky! :)

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  1. He is so cute! And yes, that coat is amazing! I need one now. I love Peggy from Mad Men! She is the best! That entire show is style inspo!