Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sunday Wardrobe: What I'm wearing then vs now..

If you wanted to take a peek back on my blog life
(which you totally could, its basically all laid out on Instagram)

You would notice a few things..

1) my following has increased a tad
    yay for likes! someone other than me liked it..

2) there's no end to my crazy
     I post what I want!

3) I pretty much live in sweaters..

So if I could share with you from where all these sweaters come from I would..

There are 3 stores in my life that I just can't quit,
they go by the names..

This post is all about H&M
because this is how my H&M life works..
I either go in and walk out with nothing.
I walk in, must have EVERY SINGLE ITEM on every hanger in the store
and walk out having spent a small fortune.
there is literally no in-between at that store.

First take a look back at some of my older H&M buys..

sweater $24.99

sweater $?

Cape Coat thing $29!!
Gloves $19?

Sweaters! $19-24

Blanket Scarf $29?

Pea coat (multiple colour options) $49! then they went to $30 (omg passes out*)

^ Now that's not from H&M
let me explain..
I really wanted a clothing streamer for years and years
I used one when working retail and they're so handy.
Finally got around to ordering this one from
But dang this was a pain to set up
It shouldn't have been
however they mislabelled, either the poles or the instructions..
so I spent hours trying to shove the wrong sized poles into the connectors until I figured out the error.

Yeah the 3 is upside down because its mislabelled

And that 1 was suppose to be in the base of the steamer...
I will let it go and let you know how well it works at a later date because after all those struggles while trying to keep a toddler entertained, I didn't bother steaming any of my clothing haul.
I just used it as a clothing rack and called it a day!

All the below photos were purchased on Thursday February 4th
and forewarning I am a serial outfit shopper.
All my clothes are similar but that's how I like it.
sweaters, oversized t's are my uniform.


and that green (thumbs up)

the softest, comfy T's

I debated on this one for so long
Its a bit on the heavy side for my 'spring on the brain' clothing haul but its just so soft and pretty

I will never get sick of stripes
why you ask ??!
because they camouflage bra backs and back fat due to bra backs!
solid colours show alllllll. 

doesn't this sweater make you think of Taylor Swift??
it does because its "red lip, classic" yes, I quoted TSwift

Valentines day? We've got a sweater for that!

I'm sometimes into pattern but its gotta be mild!
I love pattern on other people!
I just love accessories too much
I know I cannot go wrong with a plain outfit and accessory overload.

more Tswizz!

And the classic of the classic oversized sweater..
which I also bought in beige, see below.

And this is the type of post you pray your husband never reads because he will cut up your credit cards..

Here's to Sunday Shopping!

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  1. I am a serial repeat-store shopper too. My go-to store is Old Navy and every time I get a compliment, guaranteed it's something from there! I love the sale racks, and the endless coupons and how I can mail order and return in store if I need too. It's amazing! I live 3 hours from the nearest city so mail shopping in key but if H&M had a mail-order option, I'd spend all of the money. In fact, when I visit my best friend in Halifax, that's usually my first stop!