Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Let's talk about life lately, hair probs and anniversary gifts..

Alright I'm going to write this blog post in under 15 minutes..
My life lately.
What a hot mess.
My life lately looks a lot like this photo:
Wow look at this photo, looks perfect.
Cute kid.
Chic black and white filter.
What more could you ask for, amma right?
Look again:
This is my real life.
Diaper cream on the face.
Playing with my old iPhone.
Pant less.
Yup, Pant less.
I've had no time for nothing lately.
is it just that time of year?
Tell me everyone's feelin' it??
I had a hair appointment last week and I was SO excited.
I love getting my hair dyed and cut, the atmosphere of the salons, the fresh feeling of no split ends/ grey hairs when you leave. LOVE.
I was thinking about going for something like this:
Asymmetrical lob cut, AND I was hoping to get a lot of blonde.
Maybe not quite this blonde but a lot of highlights.
Before pic:
(don't judge any photos from this post, they will not be blog worthy. too bad)
At the salon so hyped up,
Let's do this!
And the after pic:
Womp womp.
So I'm not blonde.
Before you say "go back and tell them to blonde you!"
Its like 75% my fault because this is me when I go to the hair salon,
me: well I was thinking something like this, *shows above photos
hairstylist: ok well what colour do you want your base?
me: whatever you think!
hairstylist: is this enough foils?
me: whatever you think!
hairstylist: how's the cut?
me: whatever you think!
So I take a lot of the responsibility, I know I'm like a freak of nature who likes being surprised by their hair cut/colour. I love when my stylist takes the reigns and tells me what would look good, as long as were on the same page! I don't want to end up with a shaved head and lime green mo hawk but I'm adventurous within the realm of the photo I just showed!
anywhoo I will have to make another appointment and get some blonde added. I should also mention this was the poor girls first day at this salon, my regular hair girl has moved on so I'm on the hunt for a newbie. When (if) we finally get back to Halifax I have my all time favorite stylist Esther and I'm coming for ya Esther!! ;)

Husbands, sometimes they just get it right.
My hubby surprised me with this anniversary tree for our 2 year wedding anniversary.
I'm not going to get mushy because I already did - here
But seriously so cute!
You add a leaf on every anniversary.

Now if I can only remember where these leaves are next year..
that will be the true test on our relationship!
No one wants to see me when I can't find what I'm looking for..
It gets ugly.

BAM 34 mins and counting, nighty night! XO


  1. That is the most adorable present ever! He did a great job, (maybe he can give Mike a few pointers lol) So sad about your hair, it still looks good though! When I working in the salon I used to love clients who let me do whatever! Next time will be better! it's been crazy around here too, definitely that time of year, things will balance out soon! x

  2. I think we all go through "hot mess express" phases in our lives. Just keep working hard and you'll get through it!

  3. I laughed when you said "Go back and have them blonde you" So funny. I am the same way with hair appointments, except my hair girl (who I adore) pushes me to go a little more. Get a little more highlights. I am always nervous but love the results. The gift your husband gave you is amazing and so sweet. I love that idea. I understand life happening. It does, to all of us. Stay strong, know you are not the only one with a pant less child, and enjoy the day. However crazy it is!

  4. I can relate to you hair story...I feel so strong before I go in and then I become a little wishy-washy, like I don't want to offend the stylist. I recently had to go back to the girl who cut my hair and have her "fix" the cut. And she did - for free - of course. She was happy to, knowing I'd be back, paying for the next round! :) oh and p.s. - my daughter NEVER wears pants at home. Like never. :)

  5. Hahah! This post totally made me giggle! First of all, your little one is adorbs! My kids never have pants or clothes on, so you are in good company! I LOVE that little anniversary tree! I may have to snag one for myself! So cute! :)

  6. Awww... I love that gift! So thoughtful! You've got yourself a good one there. ;)
    And yes, I've definitely had many "diaper cream on the fave" kinds of days. This too shall pass. :)

  7. Go for the cut and colour. I'm so flexible when it comes to my hair as well so I need a great hairdresser who knows what would suit me best!
    Happy 2 Year Anniversary and Nick did a great job on the sweet gift, something to look forward to every year!