Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Let's talk tuesday beauty favorites...

Tuesday favorites!!
So I went to Walmart on the weekend, Walmart shopping is a very rare occurrence around these parts.
A. because I don't like Walmart.
I said it and it's true.
I would much, much, much prefer Winners (homesense) or Target or Superstore aka Dominion aka Loblaw's?? However there's no Winners in sight, Target up an left and Dominion in central Newfoundland is a far cry from the Halifax version. So Walmart, bleck.
B. it's like an hour and 15 away.
However I had an appointment so I stopped by, I didn't get much because there is never any carts or baskets.
What I did get:
OMG OMG, these Waterbridge MASSIVE chocolate bars are addictive.
I break off a few blocks and nibble on them with a handle of almonds, addictive.
Its been way too long since I white stripped, they weren't on sale (boo) but I had to pick up a box.
There was ONE tube of my Cover girl brow/clear mascara and I snatched it up.
And I almost had one of these, Kate Moss for Rimmel new nude lipsticks but I could not extend my arms to grab one without dropping my whole purchase on the floor. Which in hindsight is probably a good thing since nudes don't flatter me but I swear by the Rimmel lipstick formula. Shade 10 for the win! 

These, these, these Marcelle cleansing cloths.
I picked them up on a whim because I ADORE their gentle foaming wash, the cleansing cloths did not disappoint. BOMBdotCOM.
I was just about to purchase more online but said "HOLDUP"..
On the Marcelle website they're $12.95!
I honestly am not sure how much I paid at Walmart, I didn't think they would be that pricey because Marcelle is very affordable but Yikes.
That's the kind of price where you ask Santa to bring you a stock pile for Christmas.

Oops forgot to tell you, Cover girl clearly watched my YouTube video where I suggested they switch up the style of their brow gel tube. Unfortunately you're still falling flat CG, get some colour appeal or something on that bottle! Thanks for watching tho ;)

I cleaned my brushes this weekend!!
I use the beauty blender solid to clean all my brushes and blenders. It is seriously the easiest most efficient cleaner (IMO) out there. Love it, and I must not be alone since its sold out on

We ended the weekend with TWO trips to the fair Circus!!! (See IG for explanation)
It was so fun and mildly disgusting.
I was immediately sucked into buying a $4 tiny cup of popcorn because of the delicious waft of butter blowing through the air.
Then I immediately regretted the decision when the lady serving it up handed me the cup with the same hand she was just using to wash the dirty old counter tops, with a dirty old rag, and her super dirty ol' fingernails...

Seriously there were dirty suds on my popcorn cup..
Oh the things you don't notice when you're a kid...
All the glitz, glam and shiny lights seem so appealing and clean when you're 18 and under.
Next time we will skip the popcorn.

What'd ya do all weekend??
What's ya favs??
Where ya too??


  1. I have not tried the Cover Girl brow gel before... my drugstore pick is the Milani. I hope it works out better. Also I am intrigued by Canadian brands... never heard of those face wipes before!

  2. Those cleansing clothes look so good. I wish we had them here, or maybe we do, and I just have never heard of them?

  3. I am going to have to try that brow mascara!

  4. I have been searching for some better face wipes!! Haha love your memes.

  5. I LOVE YOUR FACE! You are so gorgeous and you have the BEST brows! My are hideous ever since I shaved the middle of them in Jr. High! I didn't wanna have that UNIbrow! HAHAHAHAHA

  6. I've never used brow gel. What is the point of it? I love the GIFs you use on your blog hahaha.

  7. You are so cute with your memes! They made me chuckle.
    And those marcelle wipes are the best.