Monday, 6 February 2017

It's a GIRL... plus baby nursery..

I was going to share my thoughts on Monat (hair product) this blog post but I'm so behind on last weeks info, I wanted to catch up plus Monat isn't going anywhere..
(although sometimes I wish it would, with all the messages I get about it.. just kidding!!;))

I had two doctors appointments last week (and one coming up tomorrow), I'd better get that info out before I forget the details! If you follow my social media you would have seen...


^ this is actually Elliott! lol
his 19 week ultrasound, I cannot believe this was 3 years ago!
I have no photos of baby#2, baby girl! eeeeeppp
yet, because Halifax doesn't give you any!
when I was at the IWK hospital for my ultrasound last week they asked if I would fill out a questionnaire about childcare.. if I thought it would be helpful for them to provide childcare during ultrasounds since no one under 12 is allowed in the ultrasound room with you.
I said yes, because my last ultrasound (December) we did take Elliott not knowing Nick would have to wait with him and miss the ultrasound because he wouldn't be allowed in the room.
but I wanted to note at the bottom of the page that I would bypass the paid childcare if they would provide a dang photo of my fetus!
I mean we paid the $40 to get a cd sent to us with all the photos on it, but $40 is costly and you have to wait for it in the mail!
there is something nice about walking out with a photo in hand! Newfoundland sent us home with 3 different photos over the period of Elliott's gestation.
anyway.. that's enough whining ;)
we went to the ultrasound last Monday January 30th, and everything was good. It lasted about an hour and at one point Nick and I both thought we saw something that was a boy part... but she was quickly scanning over everything so we weren't positive.
although I was convinced in my mind that it was a boy, I felt justified like I had seen something and that was that.
The ultrasound tech went to show the results to the doctor and when she returned she said
"Oh I didn't tell you guys when I was looking for the sex, did you want to see a photo to make your guess"
and we were like "YES"
this is what we've been waiting 5 months for!
she pulled up a photo and SHOCKER...
I tried to get a hint from the tech but she didn't break, she was smiling a lot when I was saying "I really think its a girl, I think that's a girl"
so we left cautiously optimistic that what we saw was a little girl.
wait 3 more days... go to my family doctor just so he could confirm.
the nurse took us in and said "do you want to know?"
we said we think we know but we're just not positive but we think girl...
and she said IT'S A GIRL!!
I still don't believe it and I think I will be in shock until the day she is born and I see for myself!
I always thought I would have two boys, it just seemed a sure thing I don't know why.
so planning for a girl is very exciting!
and before we know it the baby will be here, so we decided to get a head start on some rearranging we need to do..
first step, moving the double bed from the guest room into elliotts room
and the single bed from elliotts into the guest/baby's room.
we purchased this day bed for Elliott's room before he was even born!
we needed some extra sleeping spaces for guests so we figured this would be Elliott's bed once he was out of the crib.. but since Elliott has the bigger of the two rooms it makes more sense for Elliott to transition to the double bed and skip the day bed all together!

luckily a couple of years ago when I ordered Elliott's bedspread I returned the twin size and went with the double! I just figured bigger was better since he kicks his blankets around and now I don't have to run out and purchase anything.

the double bed is in his room and his crib is still in there.
we aren't in a rush to transition him to the bed, the baby will be in our room in a bassinet for the first few months anyway but this way its ready to go.
(he already sleeps in a bed at the babysitters so I'm optimistic it won't be devastating to him)

I had just painted the guest room Navy back in the summer so its staying Navy!
and luckily it would've worked for boy or girl, I was going to do a little nautical theme for boy with reds and whites but since its a girl there's lots of coral/navy inspo below..

the guest room was starting to become a dumping ground anyway so it felt good to declutter.
& the day bed looks adorable plus makes the room look so much larger!
I would love to be one of those home owners whose house is all white, minimalist and everything in each room is completely matchy match coordinated... but I am not that person.
I don't know how people are those people???
kids gather SO much junk, people give it to you like crazy, you get it for them like crazy and unless you're throwing out/donating things on a daily basis I don't know how you keep up.
so I embrace the "lived in" look sooner rather than later.. because its gonna happen eventually ;)

I do need to pick up a couple more Christmas lights to finish off behind the bed, and I'm going to replace the pillows with a ton of white pillows & maybe a little splash of gold..
luckily there are a ton of Navy baby nursery's on pinterest see below...

I find this so funny because if Elliott had been a girl, she would have still be named Elliott!
Its really caught on as a girl name over the last few years!


I'm hopeful I can find some crib bedding I really like, I'm not sold on florals but I do like it!
I would probably prefer a simpler chevron or block pattern but we will see.
Other than that the doctor said the baby is at 53% body weight on the average baby scale, which is what also hinted us towards a girl because Elliott was a monster at 99% everything!
so this baby may be daintier but there's lots of time to catch up to her brother, so no guarantee's!
she is due around the middle of June and she is currently breech.
I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to meet the delivery doctor so I will keep you posted on that!
after our ultrasound but before we knew 100% it was a girl, I did a little bit of shopping at Joe Fresh because their sales are amazing!

all the baby girl clothing was marked down so cheap, $1.94-6.94 and I couldn't resist picking some up! I brought the clothes with me when we went to my family doctor in case I would need to return but luckily we didn't :)

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