Thursday, 26 January 2017

Weight gain, ER stays and gender predictions...

Eeeekkk so we're finally 20 weeks in!!

I'm not sure where to start since its been so long between updates!
I do have HG so its a long pregnancy full of sickness ups and downs, it doesn't go away for me I just live with it and get through day by day.

BUT some days are worse than others and near the first week of January I ended up in emergency, so, so, so sick!

I had been vomiting for 3 days straight, STRAIGHT.
I mean could not get out of bed, could not eat, drink or shower.
I couldn't even watch tv or sleep.
just vomit and occasionally cry.

so I went to the ER and waited for hours, total time 7 hours.
Which is why if I can avoid it, I AVOID IT. I have to be dying to go to the ER, especially while pregnant because there's really not much they can do.

but I was so dehydrated I caved and thankfully it did help me tremendously! they gave me two litres of fluid and a Zofran which was a miracle worker for getting my vomit under control.

It was not a glamorous stay! hahah ^
I felt so disgusting, I couldn't even get changed, I went in my 3 day old PJ's and robe.
I started to feel a rebound after that liquid boost and finally felt like I could sleep and get myself back to a regular normal of sickness!
Since I had been so severely sick I noticed some weight loss and wasn't surprised when at my next doctors appointment I had only gained 3 pounds.
that being said I haven't updated the blog on weight in so long so lets catch up!
at last reported November weight gain I was at 153 pounds (25 pounds total gained)
my January appointment has me currently at 167 pounds (37 pounds total gained)
she said I only gained 3 pounds since my last appointment so my December weight gain must have been hefty! (damn Christmas treats!)
I still feel A-ok about my weight gain, its been rapid but I'm not surprised and I'm trying to keep a goal of 200 pounds in mind for the long term.
We know plenty of celebs who hit the 200 mark when pregnant (Jenny McCarthy, she talked about it constantly on the view! haha) and its not an easy recovery but after birth weight drop and eventual healthy eating/gym life is my long term goal.

Elliott vs baby 2017.. I DO weigh more this round but I don't feel like I look hugely larger. however... I will tell you I think 10+ pounds of the weight is in my boobs! omg I can barely breathe! maybe that will make for easy breast feeding?..???!

so we are getting through it!
I'm starting to think about the little things and stress out about so much...

"will this baby sleep as well as Elliott?" obviously there will be a transition phase but Elliott was an excellent sleeper from very early on! I'm not sure I can cope if I have an up all night and up early morning, no sleep baby! eeeeepp

and then you panic about their personality.. its non rational but its true!
I love Elliott so much and his personality is SO defined, sweet and hilarious.
"what if I don't love my new baby as much" more specifically for me is what if I don't love their personality?? it sounds weird but its true!
how do you nurture 2 separate persons/personalities while giving them equal love but individual attention to unique strengths??

I think the easy answer to all my questions is "you just do"
I haven't been there yet obviously but transitioning from 0-1 was challenging but surprisingly simple at the same time and I think that will ring true again.

then people ask if we want a boy or a girl and the answer is "I REALLY DON'T KNOW!"
I don't have any sway! I think a girl would be amazing and I've always wanted a daughter but I think another boy would be so easy and Elliott would love a brother close in age to him.
not to mention I would have to buy NOTHING for a boy!
if its a girl at minimum I'm going to want a couple of fashionista, maybe mommy and me matching outfits ;)

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