Friday, 10 February 2017

Hello, I'd like a c-section please..

this was me at my doctors appointment a few days ago.

I met my delivery doctor for the first time and anxious was not the word to describe my emotions...

I knew that my family doctor would not be involved with the delivery and would be handing me off to the OBGYN around 20 weeks in, so I didn't bother to burden him with my delivery woes. Instead I waited anxiously for an OBGYN name to be pulled from the lottery pool and unloaded my cargo onto her.

And luckily, thankfully, amazingly, she was so supportive and understanding.

I thought for sure I had blogged about my labour and delivery with Elliott but I just searched and all I could find was my return to work post when Elliott was a year old..
and a promise to share his delivery story but at that time it was still too fresh for me to go into..

LOL that should give you an idea of where I am coming from with this C-section request!

I know things like delivery and new baby raising topics come with VERY opinionated and controversial thoughts. I don't want this post to be like that, so if you are fiercely against requested sections please just exit now.

there are many roads that lead to a healthy, happy baby and..
my chosen path (hopefully) is caesarean section..

ugh to get into the whole Elliott story would be exhausting so I will just cut to the chase.
I knew I was going to have trouble giving birth, I just always knew it.
Call it intuition or a natural sense or just call it crazy, but its true.
In Newfoundland you see your family doctor until you give birth, and at that point you see whatever delivery doctor is on call.
My family doctor was not a very likeable women.
I will just leave you with a few thoughts she bestowed on me:
"Oh you have morning sickness, well I had morning sickness and I had to work in a hospital with sick patients. imagine how hard it was for me to be pregnant."
^ I had HG extreme sickness and I was a letter carrier. I was throwing up in a sobeys bag on peoples front porches LOL. this is not a competition!
"why are you getting emotional?"
^ when I was two weeks overdue and my parents were only in town for a couple more days, I was hoping to get induced. she did finally sign off on an induction but it was after an emotional rollercoaster.
The delivery hospital was about an hour away so we made the trek and..
 I was in labour for about 1.5 days when they finally said I was far enough along to go into the delivery room. but I WANTED an epidural, it had always been my plan to have an epidural but for some reason they WOULD NOT give me one. They just kept brushing it off and brushing it off.
Finally in the delivery room I said "I WANT AN EPIDURAL!!!!!"
and the nurse was like "Oh I didn't even know you were in pain, you haven't made any sounds"
that was because the pain was SO, SO, severe I could not make a sound.
lol sounds funny now, but trust me, it's not.
they had been whispering for 2 days about a section because Elliott's heart rate kept dropping and even as I was getting the epidural the anaesthesiologist was asking "are we not doing a section??"
they ignored him and told me to push when I felt a contraction, they kept looking at me like 'why aren't you pushing?'
but I kept telling them I NEVER FELT A CONTRACTION.
all I could feel was a constant, never ending, steady, crippling, I want to die pain.
there is not really words to describe that kind of pain, I hope the above sentence will do it justice. ;)
then they told me push, so I pushed.
then they screamed at me to stop.
the baby's heart beat dropped drastically, we had to get to the ER NOW! emergency section.
then they told me it was too late and they screamed at me to push.
IT was horrible.
I can't even describe what was happening because it was so chaotic.
at the end of the day, Elliott was fine.
I had a 4th degree tear and went into surgery.
they say 4th degree is worse than a section for recovery. (I can't compare yet but will let you know if this section goes ahead as planned!)
we were in the hospital 5 days then sent nurses to our house to check on me once we were home and they were shocked at how much I was moving around and how little pain I was in.
so that's promising! the one hope I have is that I will have an easy recovery from a section, my body has always healed well so I have my fingers crossed!
this delivery doctor asked me if forceps were used with Elliott and I think they were and/or the vacuum but I can't recall exactly, so we are going to have the files sent from Newfoundland to really see the details.

^ poor little guy was banged up but all good after a few days!
so long short of it is that she said a C-section would never be denied to a 4th degree tear mother if that's what I wanted BUT we could also look into inducing a week early to make sure I don't go overdue again and she pointed out how labour seems to get faster and easier with each delivery...
I said I would think about it.
and I will, because ideally it would be best if I could let things happen naturally.
but I have this thought gripping my brain that I KNOW my own body and I know a scheduled section would be the best route.
so I'm 85% sure I will be going with the section!
but never say never!
keep you posted!


  1. Hey love, i wanted to tell you my story as well. The health system here in NL is crap it really is and reading your birth story gave me chills. Two weeks over due my god what kind of a monster doctor would do that? Well on to my story. My first delivery back in 2008 my water broke on my due date thank god and as soon as i went in i was given the drip and down to the room i go. I stupidly did not take any pain medication :O anyways i progressed pretty quick i have to say and all was good infact it was great I could not wait to meet my baby. Well then in came a nurse and pretty dumb nurse who checked me said i was dilated and needed to push. I wanted to wait for the doctor to come in and get his opinion, but no that was not up to me I was told I had to push. So I did I pushed and I pushed until I couldn't push no more I was exhausted and after a half hour or so of pushing something went wrong my contractions were slowing down and the heartbeat not normal. Finally the doctor decided to show his face, he went and he checked me and according to him I was not fully dilated not at all I was only 6 maybe 7 he said. So being that the baby wasn't fully down and my body wasn't fully ready to push that the baby ended up in distress and i ended up having an emergency section, I was told if I had to wait any long that there was a possibility of my baby not making it. thankfully all turned out fine in the end and Jaxson was born 9lbs 4oz so kinda happy I had a section lol. Anyways i was so terrified going into have MacKeznie that I would have to have another section that i considered asking for one and in the end I didn't I did it naturally with her. Sometimes your body will surprise you. But all in all i ended up having 2 sections and 1 natural birth. There is nothing wrong with choosing a section my love birth is birth no matter how the baby is brought into this world. You do what you have to do to make that day the best for you and the little one. Good luck hunny xoxo

  2. That last pic, you're so adorable girl.

    That's one big baby, holy smokes. Whatcha got growing in there woman? Lol


  3. I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience with your first delivery. It definitely looks so though forceps were used, based on the markings on his face! A forecep delivery with a 4th degree tear would probably have me running to a c-section too. Speaking for a nurse's perspective, it IS usually easier the second time around but obviously it is your choice whether you want to take that gamble. Recovery from a c-section is definitely hard as it is a major surgery and comes with its own risks. But I hope you make whatever choice that works best for YOU (and baby). Don't worry about what other people think! :)