Thursday, 12 January 2017

Sponge glitter mani...

I LOVE glitter manicures!
Until I have to remove them but alas... 

does the application process make a difference? 

I want a really, really dense glitter look without the layers upon layers of polish. 
Because all that will never dry and then your hard work leads to a smudged, messy, juvenile looking nail. 

So I gave the sponge mani trick a try and see for yourself.. but I was super pleased with the result!! 

The hardest part was choosing which glitter colour I wanted. I love sparkle!!

I started with a base coat since I was hesitant of how well the glitter would cover but if I'm being honest I think you could skip the base or just do a single base layer to start. 

No need to waste your time when the glitter will be nice and opaque :) 

^ the third nail in is normal polish brush one coat applied glitter and the fourth, pinky, is applied one coat with the sponge. 
Big difference, no?! 

Basically the sponge absorbs the extra clear polish but leaves enough so the extra glitter sticks without an eternity of drying between coats. 

I used an average triangle makeup sponge and if you're worried about cost that sponge could be saved and reused for multiple, multiple mani's! 

I only kept rotating to see if the application worked better with a particular section of sponge or fresh area vs used but all in all you could use a single corner of sponge to complete one whole hand. 

I was only going to do an accent nail or two but I liked the look so much I couldn't stop. I also think a full glitter mani is very on trend! 

An accent glitter nail can look a bit dated OR you could switch it up and do all glitter except for a solid accent nail - ooooh unexpected ;) 

^ this is immediately after painting. 
I am no manicurist so a quick shower and those edges were cleaned up. 
I did not find the sponge to be particularly messy, take care in application and it seems to stick to the nail and not your skin. 

I did apply a clear top coat and it really set the look, making it appear more shellac like. 

The mani easily lasted a week and grew out nicely! After a rough week of present opening etc. the tops started to peel a bit but would be an easy touch up. 

Removal was what's expected with glitter.. Tedious. 
But actually better than expected! 
I think removing the extra polish on the sponge made for some time saving. 

I will definitely be using the sponge for future glitter mani's! I'm hoping I have a pink glitter actually.. I'm feeling the need for a pink pick me up :) 

Have you tried the sponge application process??? How'd it go?!

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