Monday, 16 January 2017

Rollin' in the doh...

Since the frigid temperatures and morning sickness has hit, I'm finding it a whole lot harder to occupy Elliott..

He LOVES to play and stay busy..
he's not hugely (is hugely a word? is this a bigly moment? ... no I think its a word..)
into television, I mean he loves elmo but that's maybe an hour out of our day and he doesn't play with the ipad ever.. mostly because he hasn't developed that addiction yet and I'm good with keeping it at bay for as long as possible.

so, what do you do that's different, cost effective, and indoors/inside our same boring walls, everyday!?

I don't know?
I am asking you..
What do you do???!
I need some fresh ideas!

This week I will say I've been pleasantly surprised with myself and I'll give you a sneak peek of what we have been up to!


YESSSSS! this was a huge win yesterday!

the recipe is SO easy, you 99.9% will have all ingredients in your pantry already.
I did and I'm not a huge baker/homemade anything kind of gal.
the hardest part was mixing the food colouring with the dough, because I'm very ahem, particular. I have an OCD need for things to look pretty so the wrist took a beating wrestling food colouring into 4 different coloured balls..
but if your child is older you could always get their assistance at this point or you could just leave the doh, well dough coloured. it wouldn't take away from the fun!
^Real doh
Elliott got two small real play doh containers as Christmas gifts and he hasn't stopped playing with them since! the doh keeps getting smaller and smaller as little pieces go missing and dry up.

I remembered it had been almost two years since we made our own play doh and I figured it was beyond due time we made some more.
^two years ago!

^ omg. he was so tiny and sweet!
one of the best things about this blog is going back and reliving the memories through the posts.
I've been a blogger for 2.5 years and although time consuming, it was one of the best moves I've made!
which is funny because minus you guys, the readers, I don't get a whole lot of blog support.
Its one of those judgey things where when people don't understand they criticize and belittle.
I don't talk about it a lot because I hate, hate.
but I get the "you're so obsessed with yourself"
the "you can't write. its called grammar and punctuation."
the (a lot of this one comes from other bloggers which RLY boils my blood)
"so you're a mommy blogger? beauty blogger? you don't post enough beauty. we don't want to hear about your personal life." etc. etc. etc.
Ugh. so much dram.
this year I'm making it a priority to accept I am who I am.
and that's who I'm gonna be!
so I write.
and sometimes I write in private.
I have a draft folder with about 20 blog posts in it, its my "when something annoys me or is controversial" folder.
You have no idea how good it feels to let words flow out of you when they start to feel so bottled up like you may explode. I am not against sharing these post eventually, its just I have a hard time coming round to a point lol. most of those posts are unfinished so I haven't felt they're ready to be released.
I recommend anyone keep a blog or journal just to help work out those emotions/remember the memories!
anyway back to the dough....
here's my original blog post:
and here is my girl April's original recipe:
 2.5 is SUCH a good age for this activity..
Elliott was so impressed and played ALL day.
I mean ALL DAY, dusk till dawn, then I put it in the fridge and we will reuse all week I'm sure!

^ look at his little legs. omg.
what a little man.

I threw in some cookie cutters, a fork, a cup and any other little plastic toys that I thought would be helpful in creating masterpieces.
I let him play in the living room A LOT.
its risky, yes.
but the truth is I want to be involved in his play and I also want to watch mommy Netflix...
so I put down a plastic bag and luckily I've raised a neat freak so he keeps the dough (mostly) on the table.

night time and STILL playing..
The next activity, we did the day before and it was a fluke play time.
I've been compulsive about hand washing lately and I've been trying to get Elliott to learn to wash his hands without my assistance.
We are not quite there yet but he does stand on his foot stool and wash with my help of handing the soap/turning on the water. he was having so much fun a couple of days ago I thought why not fill up the sink and let him go wild..
we've done this in the summer multiple times with a bowl or pool but this was the first time I walked away and let him splash while I made supper.
this washroom is literally off the kitchen so I was listening to make sure he wasn't soaking the room top to bottom (again he's a neat freak so I have more confidence leaving him with these tasks)
He was in there for about an hour and a half I swear!
I had to keep warming up the water because he was playing so long I was scared he would get cold!

I purchased one of those little fake shaving kits for him for Christmas, which came with a "shaving cream" aka mouldable bath foam and all hail that foam!
once he got his hands on it, it was all over. now he asks for the "fom" every time we go into the bathroom. loll

that's how we've been keeping busy lately, anyone have more suggestions for inside excitement?!?!

its getting more and more fun to do crafts and activities like these together because he's getting good at listening and taking direction. I let him help pour the flour and stir the dry ingredient's for the play doh making.

anywoo I have some beauty and new baby talk coming up this week but for now I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so keep you posted!!

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  1. i love what you said about blogging in this post! i seriously hate talking about blogging to anyone who isn't a blogger. it's so hard for people to understand and THEN even in the blogging world everyone judges each other! i love how you say "i am who i am," i am going to try to own myself a little more in blogging this year as well. <3