Monday, 23 January 2017

Lips, skin and bed frames!

My skin has been begging for moisture lately but nothing seems to satisfy!!
My poor lips have been so dry and I haven't even been wearing lipstick... lipstick has not touched my skin since Christmas!

I have not been wearing ANY makeup for at minimum a couple of months thinking it would be good and healthy for my skin to breathe/try to keep as many extras out of my body as possible but these darn pregnancy hormones DGAF. I've been diligent with my skincare and face washing but alas still broken out, oily and dry. hhhhmmmph

I had this little Glam glow wet mud lip treatment on hand as a Christmas gift (I always pick up some universally friendly gift options for those unexpected times of need) but I didn't end up using it and instead of waiting for another gift giving opportunity I decided it was worth a try on my desperate desert lips!


I had been using the Bite beauty Agave lip mask ^
but I'm not a huge fan of it.
I know it has a massive following and some people swear by it but personally I find it SO thick
It is a thick, goop on your lips, whenever I apply it before bed its such a pain to find sleeping positions that won't lead to cat/dog fur stuck ALL OVER your lips/ the goop being smeared all over your pillow case (I'm a side/stomach sleeper)
& the pay off was not luscious, hydration like I had hoped.
Its more at the time of wear your lips will be so thickly gooped it qualifies as hydration but long lasting hydration not guaranteed.

the glam glow wet lip balm on the other hand has a smoother, almost consistency of Vaseline but thinner plus subtle sheen to it look and feel.
I feel like the hydration is lasting and it has minimized my crackage/peely lip problem.
the downside is the price tag.
I like to use it at least once throughout the day and apply liberally at night, not kind on the purse strings when using that frequent but still I can see me repurchasing.
unless I can find a replacement (send recommendations!!)
oooh just came to mind another similar lip balm, Blistex!
the little blue tub, that is a very similar consistency to the glam glow.
I really like blistex but there's that rumour flowing that your lips get addicted to it, is that true??
between blistex and glam glow the glam glow is more hydrating!

I paid $20 for the glam glow at Christmas but looking now at I see that the price is only available at $30.
at first thought I was happy!
I thought I scored a deal but upon further inspection I saw I actually had less .oz in my tub, actually half less! so the $30 price point now seems like a deal! darn it for not investigating at xmas!
Other than that I've been trying to stay on a no buy...
now when I say "no buy" its a bit different than the typical no buy..
scratch everything I just said lets just call it a "less buy"
more fitting ;)
like almost everyone else in the world I am trying to get more 'minimalist' in 2017..
but I am not your typical minimalist, I like stuff. I like LOTS of stuff, I love my things lol
I watched the documentary Minimalism and it didn't touch me like so many others..
actually I found it so uninteresting I couldn't get through the whole thing.(snooze)
*I know this wasn't the whole theme of the movie*
but giving up everything and owning a whopping 21 items is not plausible for a family of 4.
keeping just 21 items in my purse would be a struggle.. hahah
I appreciate the thought and I feel like my minimalism journey is more about being conscious to where I spend my money and the items I purchase.
Over the past 2 years I've really tried to stop replacing perfectly good items with more perfectly good items.
some things are harder than others.. *cough* lipstick.
whenever I see a lipstick, I see undertones and finishes and applicators.. I mean they all look completely unique to me! so that's been a struggle.
the basement clutter game is real, so I've been focused on de cluttering style minimalism there and working from the bottom up. with a new baby on the way this may stall because the newborn clutter game is REALLY REAL.
 I did place a teeny tiny Sephora order recently but before you make me feel guilty this falls under my 'less buy!'
I don't know where I've been because when roller lash came out  I was like 'meh'
fast forward to now and I am in love! I recently received another sample and used it dry!
I like the curl and length it gives.
It can be a little messy and you have to be careful not to over apply *spider lashes* but I was so impressed I decided to purchase the full size!
I splurged,
My brows are something you just don't mess with!
I don't know why I ever bother trying any other brow product, the Anastasia brow wiz is my hands down go to and you will never see me not repurchase!
*I've tried the brow wiz with the larger applicator but it does not work like the original with the tiny pen point applicator! I need that precision!
all the others pictured above were freebie add ons which I've also been more selective in choosing!
I find a face mask or hair product I am 100% more likely to use in a timely manner vs a fragrance.
so unless I see its a fragrance I've been really interested in I will opt out rather than order just for the sake of "freebie"

not pictured above but also in my freebie choices was this ^
this is my first overnight mask and I love it so far!!
I've used it two nights and my skin feels fresh and plump in the morning
thumbs up!
my typical hydration plan is the Fresh lotus preserve face cream which I try to apply both morning and night. Its light and perfect for my sensitive skin.
and the Kiehls creamy eye treatment has been a lifesaver for hydrating my eye area.
Its a bit heavier but it really soaks in.
ALRIGHT jeeze, I have so much to say and never any time to blog about it!
Elliott has a couple of daycare dates this week so I'm hoping I can get some more updates in on baby and doctors appointments but that's just too meaty for todays post!
I will share some *non pinterest worthy photos of our bedroom makeover!
Our bedroom like so many master bedrooms gets shoved to the bottom of the list and becomes a catch all but I really want to get it organized before baby comes.
*hello bassinet, video monitors, baby swings, toys, pets, Elliott, everyone, everything.. .
I've had the same headboard/footboard for SO many years!! I mean teen years to now, 15 plus...  
I love my bed its comfy and familiar but lately its been looking worse for wear.
Its outdated and extremely scratched up from pet wear so we swapped it out for a canopy bed frame and I'm kind of loving it!
see below!

^ old bed, I'm thinking I may try some Annie Sloan chalk paint to update this set and put it in Elliott's room. send hints on chalk paint/thoughts! :)

^ new bed frame!
Our room is quite large so the canopy is perfectly suitable/almost grounds the room better than I thought & is a nice focal point.
but should I add sheer curtain panels????
Is that too juvenile??????
I don't think I want to but then I scroll pinterest and get confused..
I'm not sure!
we still have a lot of cleaning/pinteresting to do to this room but I'm happy to have the bed up for now.

I was worried about the pets not being able to hop over the footboard (Marley is over 8 and her joints have been acting up on occasion) but so far so good!
See me, Marley, Roxy and Annie happily cuddled in :)

so let me know what you think, what you want, what you've been up to!
baby update soon! xoxoxoxo

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